Letters for March 24, 2015

• Ideas for employment in Hawaii • Pit bulls just not safe for island • Stop blaming cats for everything

Ideas for employment in Hawaii

I’d like to thank Joshua Uyehara for his concerns about employment for Syngenta’s former employees. Genetic engineering (GE) is a brilliant concept: using the blueprint of life, DNA, to find solutions in agriculture. However, there are side effects.

Possible employment opportunities which Hawaii could provide are:

1. Establishing hospital laboratory testing of toxins, such as insecticide Bt-Cry1Ab engineered inside corn, herbicide Roundup, and all toxins used in local biotech projects.

2. Labeling genetically engineered toxins in food.

3. Establishing larger pesticide perimeter zones correlated to weather and ground water dynamics.

People exposed to pesticides and herbicides developed Hodgkin’s lymphoma 50 percent more often than those who have not been exposed, reports the Epidemiology Research Group Annals of Oncology in 2000.

Attorney Steven Druker filed a lawsuit in 1998 which revealed FDA bureaucrats covered up warnings of the FDA’s scientists, who overwhelmingly agreed that current genetically engineered foods pose unusual long-term risks and all require rigorous long-term toxicology studies in order to be proven safe (www.biointegrity.org).

The adjuvant, POE-15, which carries Roundup’s glyphosate through the weed’s cell wall, is 10,000 times more lethal than glyphosate to human fetal cells, reports Toxicology in 2012. Please see 16 research studies, including from Scientific American, 2009, “Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells,” at GMO Seralini.

Entropy reports in 2013 that exposure to glyphosate, is connected to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Bt-Cry1Ab biotech insecticide has been found in the fetal blood of Canadian pregnant women, reports Reproductive Toxicology.

Bt-Cry1ab, at only 100 parts per million, and Roundup at 50 ppm, have been found to kill human fetal kidney cells, reports Journal of Applied Toxicology in 2011.

Thus, there is plenty of work to be done.

Will MacClymont Davis


Pit bulls just not safe for island

Mahalo to James “Kimo” Rosen for bringing clarity to our pit bull problem. I am also the owner of a small dog, which has been charged at by pit bulls at least a dozen times.

Every member my family has been scratched by pit bulls trying to rip our dog out of our arms and kill him. And when the owners finally appear, they always say that their dog was just playing.

What scares me about these dogs — and the reason I bothered to write this letter, after all the issues were covered so well — is this. These dogs are so powerful, the owners cannot control them, even with a leash. All the many times we were attacked by pit bulls, the owners had to yank them off of us with all their strength. We have a neighbor with a pit bull who is pulled around the block by her dog and you can just tell by watching them that if they encounter anything on that walk that he wants to attack — toddlers, small dogs or a cat — he will either rip the leash out of her hand or drag her to his destination. Is this the kind of “scary” environment we want on our island or do we want to be “safe”?

Abigail Jones


Stop blaming cats for everything

How did cats become enemy No. 1 on Kauai? It’s crazy! If I have to see that misleading commercial from The American Bird Conservancy one more time I’m going to scream! Eight out of 10 Hawaii residents support the removal of feral cats? Um … yes, of course, if asked I’d prefer that said cats be in a home or part of a lovingly and responsibly tended colony. Do I want them rounded up and executed? No, of course not! It is such a misleading statistic. Cats are to blame for polluting our beaches and water?

We humans need to stop looking for a feline scapegoat. Overdevelopment and pesticides are the main cause of our island and bird woes. We need to stop trying to put it off on the cats. What’s next? Are we going to start blaming Kapaa’s traffic on the feline folk, too? This is a little like the cat version of the Salem witch trials, mass hysteria and crazy behavior over a bunch of misinformation and fear.

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) has been proven time and time again. We are a small island that is very capable of getting this situation under control in a kind and loving way. Let’s become a model of cat compassion for the rest of the world as opposed to “Cat Hater’s Island.”

Rebecca Gorsline



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