Letters for March 7, 2015

• Green is nicer than orange  • The dairy’s cost to Kauai • Souvenirs needed for project

Green is nicer than orange

Sometimes, it’s nice to live in a small enough community that you feel like every once in a while your voice is actually heard. Back on Feb. 8, my letter to the editor about all of those old bright orange construction zone signs around Kalihiwai Bridge was printed in this newspaper. Several commenters raised other serious concerns in addition to those I brought up.

Lo and behold, a crew was out just this week removing all those signs! Whether my letter actually made a difference or if it was just lucky timing, I’ll probably never know, and it doesn’t really matter. Either way, big mahalo to whoever got it done; that beautiful drive will be that much safer and more enjoyable now.

Erik Coopersmith


The dairy’s cost to Kauai

The South Shore of Kauai has the most concentrated area of resort hotels, condos and residents only 1.5 miles from the proposed dairy. A dairy cow produces 143 pounds of manure and 210 gallons of urine daily. Multiply these amounts by 699, or 2,000 times, 30 days a month.

The excrement is to stay on the land. I don’t believe that 3 million pounds of manure and 8.5 million gallons of urine can be accommodated by the waste water pool during our winter rains and winds without contaminating ocean and natural habitat existing species. It is a proven fact that moving industry, whether agricultural of other, reduces property values by 24 percent to 40 percent. Although the South Shore will experience the greatest loss, the rest of our island will lose, as well as tourism revenue and local businesses, who will feel the pinch.

Since our property taxes support the county budget for services and staff payroll, should we then expect an increase in the property tax rate to make up for the lost property values, plus the additional percentage for planned programs and repairs.

Can the revenue from a dairy come close to the jobs and revenue lost from the value of property loss, of small business income and tourism?

Why did the diary at Waimea and Moloaa fail?

Paradise lost? I hope not.

Betty Bell


Souvenirs needed for project

Aloha, my name is Ally C. I am a fifth grader from Harlan Intermediate School located in Harlan, Indiana. My Social Studies class is doing a project on the 50 states. I was so excited when I got your beautiful state of Hawaii. I would very much appreciate if it you would send me some information, a state map, and souvenir.

My amazing teacher Mrs. Newlin, would also appreciate it if you would send her a car license plate for a school project, if possible.

If you would like to send items for this project, you can send them to the address below:

Harlan Intermediate School

1401 19th Street

Harlan, IA 51537

Ally C.

Mrs. Newlin’s SS class


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