Letters for Jan. 12, 2015

• UH athletics deserving of our support • Free college won’t be free • More light needed on highways

UH athletics deserving of our support

Three cheers for Dickie Chang, Jimmy Tokioka, and “We Get ‘Em! Kauai” for promoting a concert to help the University of Hawaii athletic program. Some people question whether an intercollegiate athletic program, which doesn’t even begin to pay for itself, is worth having. I believe that it is and there are many reasons. We need to look at what athletics means to UH, our flagship university, and the people of Hawaii. Athletics are an important part of the fabric of most communities in the state and often create a common bond within those communities. And, for many people, the athletic program is the first point of identification with UH.

I am proud that the island of Kauai is stepping up and leading the statewide effort to support UH athletics and I encourage everyone who wants to see UH maintain a strong athletic program to support this worthwhile project.

Linda Estes


Free college won’t be free

In response to TGI’s front page story Jan. 10, “No cost for college?” While it seems students are excited to hear they might receive a “free” college education thanks to your president, it’s about as deceiving as the $2,500 a year savings he says families will save with Obummer care.

Anyway you look at it, nothing, and I mean nothing, is for “free.” How irresponsible your president is that he thinks he can provide “free” community college. Oh wait, like I said, it’s not really “free.” According to the story, it’s going to cost $60 billion over a 10-year period and like everything else our government provides, it will probably end up costing $120 billion dollars when it all pencils out.

We are already facing the fact that we’ll have to hand over a growing $16 trillion debt to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The 2016 elections are not approaching fast enough. Why do we continue to allow government to pay their Visa debt with their Mastercards?

Creating a skilled and more productive work force should not be the government’s job. All students should be given the opportunity to receive loans if needed, but it’s their responsibility to pay it back, not the taxpayers.

The freedom of the American Dream to become a skilled provider is best complemented by the efforts people put into bettering themselves and again, nothing is “free.”

Steve Martin


More light needed on highways

Could the fatality at the old Kaumakani haul cane overpass be prevented? If there were lights there, it probably would have. Growing up in Kaumakani and driving that part of the highway, there used to be a light above the bridge that provided enough to see around the area. We here on Kauai drive in the dark for too long, just to save the newells. How many more fatalities like this will we have to hear of? Enough with the birds and start lighting up our highways!

Howard Tolbe



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