Letters for Thursday, January 8, 2015

• Kagawa right to focus on compromise • Princeville plan a community concern • Vandalism an embarrassment for Kauai

Kagawa right to focus on compromise

Beverly Gorsline wrote of Ross Kagawa, “It’s sad to think that all he thought of Bill 2491 was that it took up a lot of the council’s attention (LTE, Jan. 5).” 

Well, Mrs. Gorsline, I happen to think that it was not only a waste of the council’s attention, but a waste of the entire county’s time, highly divisive, and will probably end up costing the county money.

I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you thought you were doing good by supporting this measure. I will say many people thought likewise. If only thinking you are doing good and actually doing good were the same thing — everyone would be a saint! Let’s say we wanted to end theft. I think most of us would agree that is a noble goal, and would consider that to be good. Now, let’s say that the “solution” we come up with is to cut off the hands of every person we think may be a thief. We provide no proof that anyone is actually a thief, but rather employ vague smokescreen arguments like, “This person clearly has a lot of stuff, they must have stolen it!”

Would you argue that pursuing such a solution would logically be deemed a serious waste of time? How about highly unethical? When, exactly, do the ends not justify the means?

It is time to face the truth: This was not the right way to get a discussion going on issues of air and water quality, health and food security. The goal may very well have been noble, but the tactics were seriously flawed. This fiasco only served to inflame passions such that people ran to a side, started shouting at each other, and then became entrenched so that any rational discussion became impossible. It’s the exact same type of polarization tactics that the Republican and Democratic parties have been using for years now. It gets us nowhere. I don’t understand why people can’t see this. I have to believe that people just love strife.

Please start focusing on compromises based upon rational thought and proof. If this is what Ross Kagawa has in mind, then I am quite happy I voted for him.

Michael Mann, Lihue

Princeville plan a community concern

The plans that Mr. Jeff Stone has outlined for the development of a large, new, exclusive community in the Princeville area are concerning. The Princeville community has developed a personality which is welcoming for both visitors and residents alike. It is a travesty to challenge this spirit. But, by neglecting his responsibility to maintain the entrance roads he owns and controls, Mr. Stone is degrading the existing community’s spirit and personality. 

When Mr. Stone’s company builds more infrastructure for his new development, how much more of this construction will be left to rot over time? Is Mr. Stone’s business model to profit from the construction of a development, use the ownership of the communal assets to strengthen his balance sheet, but to dismiss the liability of maintenance? I strongly suggest the Planning Commission take into consideration Mr. Stone’s refusal to maintain or dispose of these roads for which he has a legal responsibility before allowing him to create future problems that could conceivably challenge the county budget. 

If no action is taken to maintain these roads, the residents of this community may have to petition the county to take over these roads using its powers of eminent domain. Mahalo for your consideration and your time.

Bill Butler, Princeville

Vandalism an embarrassment for Kauai

What will it take for vandals to realize that their acts of defacing public property are a slap in the face to all who honor and respect the “essence of aloha?” 

What happened at MacArthur Park in Kekaha is so disheartening! Nothing has been accomplished except to bring shame and embarrassment to all of us. It’s time to “grow up” and realize how important it is for all of us to take care of what we have here where we live! Stop destroying what is ours to protect and preserve! We live in a special place. Let’s keep it that way! 

Jose Bulatao, Jr., Kekaha


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