Letters for Dec. 21, 2014

• GMO fight must go on • Don’t be silent on the officials

GMO fight must go on

Now that the foxes are settling into the hen house, their agenda seems obvious. The ag companies are our friends. Poison is good for us and our environment. It has no detrimental effect at all. The more poison we eat and use, the more money these companies make and that’s good for the island, right? Of course not! Many of our elected officials are taking the stance of giving the ag companies a free hand to do as they like with our beautiful island.

Let’s not make these multi-billion dollar companies pay their fair share of taxes. If they don’t pay their fair share now, what’s going to happen when they are gone? And the sooner the better. Who is going to be responsible for the clean-up? Guess who, the taxpayers.

They say there’s no proof that these chemicals cause any problems. Have any of our elected officials been snorkeling lately? Our reefs are dying along with the fish that live there. Our honu (turtles) have large tumors growing out of their necks. I witnessed this firsthand at Brennecke’s beach in Poipu. As I was snorkeling two to three large turtles were swimming by more than once with these large tumors on their necks. It was almost like they were asking for help. It was so sad, I felt like such a bad steward of the land and ocean. I wanted to tell our honu, I’m trying to help, but I have politicians to deal with.

With no healthy reefs to live on our sea snails are diminishing also which means less seashells coming to shore. Twelve years ago, I collected seashells. Now many of the beaches that had abundant seashells have none. Is this just some phenomenon we can’t explain? I don’t think so.

Dustin Barca, thank you so much for trying to help. You got 4,600 votes from people that think our island is more important than bio company poison and GMO crops. It was a sad day when more people from the bio companies were elected to run our island. It is going to be a hard, uphill fight, but we have to keep letting our representatives hear our voices. Do not give up, ever!

We have a study being conducted to gather information regarding pesticides and the health of our people, land and sea. Let’s pray that this study does not become tainted with poison money. I submitted my application to help with the study, working for $3 an hour or less. I have not heard back from anyone.

This worries me. If anyone has a pesticide story regarding health or witness to something they think was wrong and are too shy to write a letter, call me. I will keep your name anonymous.

Linda Bothe


Don’t be silent on the officials

Steve Lauryn wrote an excellent letter to Rep. Morikawa opposing the Mahaulepu Dairy Farm (HDF) in Saturday’s TGI.

While the legality of the project in its proposed location is yet to be determined, Kauai’s elected officials have an opportunity to express their support or opposition for the Mahaulepu location.

As one of your constituents, please accept this as a request that each of you do so for the record. We citizens of Kauai deserve to know where you stand.

Mayor Carvalho, each of our council members, our islandwide state representatives and senators and finally Gov. Ige, may we hear from you on this, please?

P.S. We citizens understand your silence means approval.


Frank Kelly



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