Letters for Thursday, November 6, 2014

• GMO companies could control seed market • Student shares idea for changes on Kauai • Police officer showed kindness, respect

GMO companies could control seed market

If you make a list of pros and cons concerning the GMO companies, on the pro side, all you have are jobs and money flowing, that’s it. If you also wanted to try to include “feeding the world” and “self-sufficiency” as they like to do, that is highly debatable as it provides seeds that are only good for a one-time use. 

This is a very important fact when you consider that the seed stock of those that try to save seeds each year are at risk of being crossbred and becoming unusable. If that doesn’t alarm you, it should.

If you are a farmer or gardener, and I’ve been both, you may be in the habit of saving seeds to use for the following crop. GMO seeds aren’t usable in this fashion, I know, I’ve tried, which means you won’t be able to have a garden/farm unless you get seeds from another source. As the GMO DNA infiltrates the non-GMO gene pool and changes the makeup of those seeds, they become non-fertile. So where do you then go for seeds? If your only choice is GMO companies, they will eventually control the seed market. They don’t want you to think about that, but they have never denied it. To acknowledge that subject would be taboo.

I haven’t even mentioned their polluting of the land, water and air. 

The sugar industry left the land and water in a terrible state, but using that as an excuse to continue in the same manner definitely isn’t pono.   

Jack Custer, Kalaheo

Student shares idea for changes on Kauai

My third-grade students were invited to write a letter to our mayor asking what they liked about Kauai and what they would change. This was one of the responses. Would you kindly consider printing it? It would mean so much to the children and inspire them to pick up the newspaper.

Kay Mones, Kapaa

Dear Mayor Carvalho,

Thank you very much for making the big and beautiful soccer field. I think what should be changed on Kauai is to not have broken soccer nets. 

Another change I really would like is a skating rink. I would like a skating rink because when I went to Lake Tahoe. I really enjoyed skating. I think other kids would enjoy it, too!


Rhea, Kapaa Elementary

Police officer showed kindness, respect

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I was parked near the emergency room at Wilcox hospital. A police car arrived with a prisoner to be seen at the hospital. The courtesy displayed by the officer to the prisoner was beyond belief. The prisoner was handcuffed and helped out of the car by the officer. He perhaps had fluids on his face. The officer got a small towel out of the police car and gently wiped the prisoner’s face and chest in a gentle fashion. Then the prisoner was taken into the emergency room.

Officer in car 877 at 5 p.m. Tuesday, you walked with angels. You showed kindness and respect to someone in your custody. You displayed the finest as a member of the Kauai Police Department.

Monroe Richman, Koloa


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