Letters for Thursday, October 30, 2014

• Don’t blame hunters and their dogs • Kauai needs treatment center • Forum provides insight on candidates

Don’t blame hunters and their dogs

It seems as though every time there is an incident with a dog or dogs, that it is always a hunter’s dog or dogs that created the problem and all hunters are bad. Because a dog has instincts to hunt and go after prey does not mean that it is a hunting or hunter’s dog. I did not read anything about you walking your dogs on a leash, which there is leash law. 

Do you know that the cat could have mauled a bird just 15 minutes before those dogs mauled it. Cats have natural instincts to prey, as well as a dogs. Not saying that there are not irresponsible hunters, like there are irresponsible parents and a lot of other irresponsible people in this world. Like you enjoyed walking your dog on the beach, I, as a fifth generation pig hunter, enjoy going out with my dogs to hunt/gather with my dad, sons, nephews and with my grandson. I guess you do not watch the Discovery Channel while lions are chasing their prey to kill, which is their natural instinct. Maybe you have no knowledge, since you have lived here for just two years. That hunting and gathering is a great part of this island and its local lifestyle. We have born rights from God to hunt and gather. It is something that has been done since biblical times. Something that has subsidized my family and friends for generations. So I ask you to stop attacking all hunters for the faults of a few and for you to enjoy the island that you have moved to — an island that has many different ethnicities and lifestyles where people should respect others’ ways of living.

Robert R. Cremer Jr., Kapaa

Kauai needs treatment center

In response to TGI’s Oct. 28 article, “Support grows for treatment center:” The Kauai Police Commission meeting was an update on “Life’s Choices Kauai” efforts to build the long overdue inpatient adolescent treatment center; for 10 beds; to be built at Maalo where the proposed new dump will be.

It appears that all the criminal activity on our island is due to substance abuse.

Security for kupuna, residents, murder, child abuse, crimes committed to visitors, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, offenses at commercial venues, school vandalism; recent theft of Kauai County property, etc; law breaking in general; is generated by individuals who are substance abusers.

Statistics show generational substance abuse in families.

There are three residential treatment centers for adults and they’re all on Oahu.

Conscious budget cuts for those supposedly “serving” as elected officials would go far for funding for gigantic need for substance treatment for our addicted youth and adults.

The state of Hawaii spends $600 million annually exclusively on meth addiction.

Need for treatment center(s) for decades already; forget NIMBY, help people!

Commission Chair Iona supports the treatment center but has concerns.

KPD officers wouldn’t risk their lives when substance abuse becomes priority!

Grove Farm/Kauai County putting the dump and treatment center of a mere 10 beds shows the despicable truth of how the disenfranchised victims of substance abuse are dealt with; which every family member on Kauai has a loved one who is suffering.

For shame!

Bonnie P. Bator, Anahola

Forum provides insight on candidates

I would like to commend the candidates for County Council and state legislator for the many public forums they have attended. The most recent public forum was held in Princeville this past Monday at the Princeville Community Center. The attendance was wonderful — every seat was taken, standing room in back was filled, and there were even many standing outside listening. The chairman of the event, Rory Enright, did a perfect job in asking piercing questions of the candidates and questions were also taken from the audience.

Such public forums are a very good way for us in Kauai to get past the ads and charges and counter charges regarding the candidates to really see them and find out what they stand for and how knowledgeable they are regarding the issues and their response to those issues. This forum was great. Attending, I was not sure whom I was going to vote for but, for me, (and sometimes to my surprise) the candidates that excelled where: State House District 14 incumbent Derek Kawakami, and council candidates JoAnn Yukimura, Felicia Cowden, Kipu Kai Kualii, Jay Furfaro, Gary Hooser, Tim Brynun and Mel Rapozo.

Joe Frisinger, Princeville


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