Letters for Friday, October 17, 2014

• Clean up your own act before preaching to others  • Simple solution to reducing county spending

Clean up your own act before preaching to others 

In response to Mark Beeksma’s letter (TGI, Oct. 9), Mark, as an outsider and observer in the realm of religion, I think the problem lies with the fundamentalists in either of the three major religions: Christian, Muslim, Jews. 

I think it’s rather condescending of you to say “We should love Muslims. Most of them really are nice people.”

As a devout nonbeliever I could respond, “Most Christians are really nice people.” “Most Jews are really nice people.” “Most Muslims are really nice people.” 

However, every fundamentalist I’ve ever come into contact with was hateful. I think you have a duty to your gods to “clean your own house” before you start indulging in ad hominem. Remember, we are in the Middle East, their house, murdering innocent  men, women and children. As a devout nonbeliever I do not find this very loving. 

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo

Simple solution to reducing county spending

How to tame the beast?

Let’s keep this simple shall we?

Year 1 — Each department receives only 99 percent of the prior year’s budget. So each department is tasked with generating a 1 percent efficiency. Translation: provide the residents the same level of services currently rendered but for 99 cents on the dollar.

Year 2 — Neither a reduction nor a budget increase. Just consolidate the prior year’s 1 percent efficiency.

Year 3 — Repeat year 1.

Year 4 — Repeat year 2.

That’s it. In four years, budget growth is halted and reduced ( 2 percent — wow!) slowly improving efficiency and reducing waste.

No tax increases required!

Some may claim this cannot be done. You are either the problem or the solution.

Whom among those running for council or mayor will endorse this simple plan?

Frank Kelly, Koloa


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