Letters for Oct. 12, 2014

• Most councilmembers disconnected from community • Kauai needs to have curbside recycling • Keri Russell did outstanding job leading Red Cross on Kauai • Humane society director not doing what’s best for all animals

Most councilmembers disconnected from community

Thank you, Mel Rapozo, once again for voting in favor of the financial stability of the people of Kauai. It is hard for me to understand a county council and mayor that cannot relate to the daily financial struggle of its people. Once again, we are imposed with a tax increase (public fee) that will be added to the already overly tax-burden community.

Knowing some of our County Councilmembers, and knowing their business background, it really surprises me how disconnected they have become with the business community and the working people. As a broad statement, the working private sector are not receiving income increases at all. Inflation is still rampant especially with food. Businesses are struggling. Every where you look, there are empty business/storefront windows. Yet, taxes are still going up. In all the decades I have lived here, I have never seen so many new county vehicles on the road.

On the bright side, we saw the population speak out in the results of the primary election. It is no coincidence that Mel got the most votes. Voters are seeing what’s going on.

With the exception of Mel, I hope the voters will elect an entirely new County Council. It is time that we have total new representation of the working people, and not big government politicians in a small setting. It is time that we realize the economic sustainability of the people must be successful before environmental sustainability can be achieved. Vote for your future.

Dave Boucher


Kauai needs to have curbside recycling

I applaud Mel Rapozo for voting against the pay as you throw measure. What we need is mandatory curbside recycling if we are indeed going to keep waste out of the landfill. What is Kauai waiting for? Why do we always have to reinvent the wheel? Our household doesn’t even fill a 32-gallon can because we recycle all that can be recycled. Will we be charged less? Of course not!

Cushla Tucker


Keri Russell did outstanding job leading Red Cross on Kauai

Keri Russell left her position as director of Red Cross Operations on Kauai Friday. The recent front page article in the paper discussed her many accomplishments, but it was her sense of purpose, delivered with humor, a smile, and knowledge, which motivated her volunteers.

Her position in the Red Cross is overfilled with requirements, each delivered with more urgency than the last. But she not only succeeded in a work environment that would make most of us shrivel, she excelled in it. Her energy is infinite. I will always treasure this opportunity I had to work with her, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. We will miss you, Keri, but I know your family will appreciate the opportunity to see you again.

Bill Butler


Humane society director not doing what’s best for all animals

(In response to Kauai Humane Society director’s guest commentary, Sept. 11, TGI). Director Cistaro, the community wants to help, yet you refuse to work with them. You hide behind policies, making it impossible for community help.

The community is in place, they are trying, but it’s a two-way street, director Cistaro. Your help and cooperation is needed most right now. You tell those doing TNR they are spaying and neutering too many cats. You charge them higher fees, even though they are volunteering their own time and money to help a situation which you certainly do not contribute in helping. In fact, you make it worse.

The number of cats and kittens being dropped off around the island has skyrocketed since you raised spay/neuter fees. The community is trying to help make a difference but is confused by the lack of caring leadership.

Your description of no-kill shelters is a weak excuse to justify how little you personally work with the community, or rescuers and how little effort you make to kill fewer cats and kittens. Director Cistaro, it’s very sad that you have boxed your mind in so tightly. Healthy animals pay with their lives.

Cheryl Martin



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