Letters for Thursday, October 9, 2014

• You’re right to worry about Ebola • Water ruling is wrong • For sake of health, replace cesspools • Continue the discussion on Muslims and beheadings

You’re right to worry about Ebola

Are you concerned that Ebola might come to Kauai? Do you think it is the responsibility of the U.S. Surgeon General to keep Ebola out of the U.S.? Do you know that the Republicans in the U.S. Senate have been blocking Obama’s nomination for surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, since last November? Bet you cannot guess why. It has to do with guns. Apparently, the NRA thinks it can shoot a virus.

John Zwiebel, Kalaheo

Water ruling is wrong

Let’s see. Menhune ships large quintiles of water from Oahu. We use bottled water on Kauai and that is bad? I can understand Tim Bynum being opposed to Kauai Springs as he is opposed to everything unless he is getting money from it. What amazes me is that my longtime supported Mel Rapozo is buying into this insane ruling. Let’s buy water from Oahu.

John Glover, Kalaheo

For sake of health, replace cesspools

For many years I resided on the Greek island Zakynthos. It has a similar size and shape to Kauai and is situated in the southern Ionian Sea across from Sicily. One summer, a freakish heat wave from the Sahara blanketed the island for nearly a week. It was hotter than hell. 

Many of the homes on Zakynthos have cesspools. In addition to the crippling heat, the air quality was nearly unbreathable due to the evaporation of urine from the ground into the atmosphere. It was like breathing thick, hot ammonia. During that period of time many people were hospitalized and many even died.

It is predicted that climate warming will bring even hotter weather to our islands than what we are experiencing now. I hope the people of Kauai realize how important it is to replace cesspools with septic tanks, not only for the safety of our water but for our lungs and lives as well.

Judy Xenofos, Lihue

Continue the discussion on Muslims and beheadings

In “Why the beheadings?” Sept. 25, I wrote that the beheadings are probably done and published online to encourage other radical Muslims who have read the Quran. Later that same day, on Sept. 25, an American Muslim in Oklahoma, Alton Nolen, reportedly cut off the head of his female boss. Nolen had an image on his Facebook page showing a beheading and one of the verses of the Quran (8:12) about the importance of cutting off the heads of the unbelievers. Nolen had converted to Islam just last year around the time he got out of prison. 

I want to thank The Garden Island for printing my letter. For whatever reasons, CNN and Fox News don’t seem to want to consider all the options to explain why terrorists do what they do. The thoughts of our neighbors may be especially useful when the major news networks are not considering the whole story. The Garden Island is providing a valuable service by offering this forum for discussion. 

Also, remember that both Jesus and Buddha taught us to love even our enemies. We should love Muslims. Most of them really are nice people. While it is our duty to love, it is still the duty of our civil government to try to protect us from vicious predators, whatever their motivations are. 

Mark Beeksma, Koloa


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