Letters for Tuesday, September 30, 2014

• Capture the sun • County spending too much money • Stand together and protest Mideast wars

Capture the sun

People of Maui be not deceived

By – what – some would have you believe

Cain comes now disguised as Abel

A genetically modified twist to the fable

Still fratricidal protesting peace

In a recently purchased well tailored fleece

People of Maui do not ignore

What comes knocking at our door

Those that left many chemically dying

While they just kept on lying

Degradation of the Land

Toxic residue in the sand

So called rights of modern farming

Only sicken and end up harming

People of Maui be not deceived

You’d think genetic farming was Adam and Eve

That somehow genetically modified food

The original creation and good for you

There will be only wide spread sadness

If we do not stop this ceaseless madness

Cracking open the DNA

The plants’ immunity stunned and dazed

Causing them to spray and spray

While they profit and we pay

The aina will – poisoned – grieve

At all of this chemical make believe

Killing us as it seeps through our pores

Courtesy of the chemical boors

Maui it’s time to capture the Sun

That darkness not reign and the light has begun

Kauai and the world is watching you

Together we will punch this through

Kelly Ball, Kapaa

County spending too much money

Taxes not the problem, but the unbridled wasteful spending of the county government. In this year’s county budget 2014-2015, deficit spending is $8,770,357. The county, under the guidance of the Director of Finance Steve Hunt, along with the mayor and the county council, have bankrupted the county of Kauai. 

The county of Kauai has spent money on feel good project and parties, and jobs for friends. A small example of some of the waste: Page 2 county budget: Sister city $10,000, Kauai planning & Action alliance $25,000, DC Lobbyist $56,000; Page 13: two polo shirts for $350. Page 16: $350 per month car allowance for each of the county council. Road maintenance: Page 257: Other 1,100,000? Page 266: Liquor commission travel over $100,000 and to Las Vegas, not to mention the outright militarization of Kauai police force at a very high cost. This is just a small sample of the spending and it will get worse with the cost of the bus system —  $42,000 for each of 22 bus stops. 

In my opinion, the government has operated on political favoritism, selective enforcement and the socialist (communist) policies and laws the county has create has bankrupted the county, both economically and morally.

Gary Pierce, Kilauea

Stand together and protest Mideast wars

Why the beheadings, Mark Becksma, (TGI, Sept. 25)?

Mark, please be careful. You are leaving yourself, and your religion, wide open. As the most vocal devout nonbeliever on Kauai, I could quote passages — chapter and verse — from the Old and New Testament-that would curl your hair (You might try Numbers 25-3-4). It’s time to move on.

Please, Christians, stop cherry picking. Your God is as fierce, maybe fiercer, than theirs. And has committed as many wrongful acts as theirs. For a longer time, too. Our troops, today, are out there with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other. Don’t fool yourselves. Also, remember: we — you and I as American citizens — are guilty, too. 

We’re in their territory, Mark, murdering innocent men, women, and children. 

I don’t understand why good Christians are not standing with good Muslims and good Jews and even good Atheists — in the streets — protesting these insane wars in the Mideast. I’ll walk with you on the homefront, Mark. Been there, done that. Had hoped I’d not been forced — by my conscience — to do it again. Trust me, it takes courage. 

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo


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