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Letters for Sept. 13, 2014

• Single parent success  • President leading country in wrong direction

Single parent success

Congrats to Angel White for graduating from Kauai Community College as an automotive technician. Angel is a single mom who has over the years endured many struggles, as all single parents do at some time. The Hui O Na Makua Ho’okahi O Kauai (Single Parents of Kauai) nonprofit would like to have the community recognize what a true dedicated, motivated, striving beautiful woman Angel is.

The Hui has helped Angel in the past and truly we are excited that she can lead by example! This is a huge accomplishment for graduating from an accredited program from KCC. It took two years of soulful, dedication to accomplish this, it wasn’t at all easy. Angel is a single mom of four children, two of which are grown and each having a child of their own, yes Angel is also a grandma! She has two daughters who have grown up well but Angel had to make a sacrifice in raising her daughters during school. The dedication and commitment it took to get through school took a lot of work. Angel has made her sacrifices, paid her dues (literally) and now has the relief of knowing she has passed all her classes and some of the best grades out there because she even made the deans list. Angel also worked part time while going to school to provide for her family. Wow what a true inspiration!

Who knows what is next in the chapter of Angels’ life but she has much to look forward to. The community of single parents at the Hui thinks it’s wonderful to have one of our own strive for the better and move toward the future that lies before her. She is an inspiration to our Hui and other single parents, of course her family and to the community that no woes of life can bound you from greatness!

Alisha Hunt


President leading country in wrong direction

While trying to watch the president’s address on his approach to ISIL (ISIS), of course, the Internet connection provided by Oceanic (Time-Warner) was so unreliable that I missed about 50 percent of it (An argument for complaints to be made to the FCC in favor of Network Neutrality).

Still I got the gist of the president’s message. He doesn’t want to build more roads on Kauai. He doesn’t want to protect Kauai citizens from pesticides. He doesn’t want better education for Kauai’s children. He doesn’t want to bring jobs to Kauai.

He wants to spend your tax money protecting the oil leases of the corporations that are responsible for the climate change that is going to destroy our planet. ISIL is not a threat to Kauai unless we allow our tax dollars to continue to be wasted on a war that we will not win. The USA has made enemies of every country in the Middle East. That includes Qatar and Saudi Arabia who actually send money to support ISIS. And that includes Israel if you listen to the threats that Prime Minister Netanyahu recently made against us.

Kauai, through the leadership of KIUC, is becoming energy independent. Kauai is also pursuing self-sustaining agriculture. We should continue down this road and demand that our tax dollars be spent here.

John Zwiebel



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