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It’s been 13 years since 9/11. What does it mean to you today?

“For me personally, I’ve moved on because they have that (ISIS terrorist group) thing now. That’s more significant than what happened 9/11 to me, with more devastation.”

Priscilla Davis, of Kalaheo

“I lived in New York. I was in New York at the time … For me, at least, it’s still a time to just always be cognizant of we’re just one group of people in a large group of people in this world, right? And so we’re not always all on the same page and we’re not always going to see things the same way, but if we don’t really learn how to communicate this is going to happen over and over again, somewhere along the way, somewhere else, someplace else.”

Caroline Freudig, of Kalaheo

“The war hasn’t ended yet. I don’t think the anniversary really has a meaning until the war is at an end. That is what my feeling is. I wish the war would end and then you can think about remembrance.”

Kory Chavez, Eleele

“I wish that it would not happen again or any other terrorist attack in the world. It is really painful for the ones who lost their loved ones and it is really hard to accept that the war is really getting worse. A lot of people forgot to praise God, and instead they are praising themselves and that is why this is happening because if they believe in God then they are not going to do anything bad to other people.”

Imelda Gawaran, Hanapepe

“It means serving this country and preventing it from ever happening again. I just graduated from boot camp in San Diego on Sept. 5, It was all challenging but it was worth it.”

Pvt. Matthew Chamberlain, USMC, Hanapepe

“My son Matthew was 5 years old then and I recall that when it came on the news it was like a commercial or a movie and then I saw that it all was real. It meant a lot to me but today, we are focusing obviously on terrorism but the saddest thing about it is we are not facing the biggest terrorist threat we have ever seen and that is teen drug addiction. Kids are getting strung out on drugs I’ve never heard of and to me that is a bigger threat than ISIS at this time. If we don’t take care of these kids then we are not going to have the leadership for this country that our forefathers and veterans of all the wars before us fought for.”

Mike Schwab, Hanapepe


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