Letters for Friday, August 8, 2014

• Protect Social Security, but don’t try and fool us • County needs to cut spending,

not soak taxpayers


Protect Social Security, but don’t try and fool us

I had a phone call from a supporter of a senatorial candidate. They said that their candidate was going to protect Social Security. I asked how they are going to protect SS. They said the candidate would push for an average increase of $65 a month. I asked how is that going to protect SS when it is going bankrupt in 2033. Isn’t paying out more money going to break it faster? The supporter then said they paid into it, they deserve it. I asked again what is their ideas that will keep SS from going bankrupt. They said I “will have them call you and explain.” That was three weeks ago I am still waiting. Seniors that paid in do deserve a dependable supplement to their income, politicians make some unpopular decisions that will really protect our future. Don’t promise us seniors something you can’t deliver to get our vote today for your political gain and power.

Al Spencer 


County needs to cut spending,

not soak taxpayers

As a senior living on a fixed income and a renter, the council’s decision to raise taxes on rental property has put me and many others in a very difficult position. My landlord has rented to local long-term renters for over 30 years. He is saying he has to raise the rents dramatically in order to pay his taxes, raises we renters cannot afford. Is the council trying to create more homeless in order to raise revenue? What about tightening the over bloated county budget?

I drive through the county building parking lot and see nothing but new cars and trucks. I drive down to Hanalei and see a vacant lot next to Hanalei Pier that the county paid $3 million for and is used by a privileged few for weekend campouts. I see county vehicles driving around on personal business. I see waste everywhere by the county and you want to raise taxes to pay for your shortsightedness.

Enough! Get your heads on straight and solve the problem like a real business — you can’t spend more than you make.

Start cutting costs and stop punishing the innocent. Stop the subsidies to the large agriculture businesses, the tax break for the zillionaire “gentlemen” farmers and tree growers. Do your job with pono. 

John Humphrey



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