Letters for Aug. 5, 2014

• Why would anyone do such a thing? • Dairy’s plans don’t add up


Why would anyone do such a thing?

With caring hearts and mental acumen a handful of Kauaians came together to offer the people on this Island an opportunity to keep the water, land, and ocean safe.

One would think that the mayor and council members would be grateful for any document so constructed to support the Hawaiian Constitution that expressly protects the Island’s resources and structured to be strong and thorough to confidently hold up in a court of law.

Charter Amendment 33 is designed to protect all sentient life here: the land, the water, the air, the ocean. Who in their right minds would oppose such a document? How many years have the pesticides and herbicides contaminated this Island? Who has done anything about it so far?

Now is the time for the people of Kauai to awaken. How long shall we tolerate the political misuse of power that blocks the rights of the people? Remember when the Superferry was blocked from landing on this island? The people did not refer this matter to the County Council but “the people” followed their hearts and took action.

The light came from the ground up as it will do now. It shall only grow brighter and stronger. The people care.This is a much bigger issue that goes far beyond the jurisdiction of a county clerk, a county attorney, four county council members and a mayor. This Charter Amendment 33 is the most thorough and inclusive document ever written to restore the health and safely of this Island

Although The Garden Island said it died, Charter Amendment 33 is alive and well. It simply needs to be implemented. The blocks to its process need to be undone. We who are in our right minds and caring hearts know that it is time to be love in action. Let’s go for it. Let’s clean up Kauai and care for each other, not allow poisons to prevail. With great love and respect for each of us on this beautiful isle.

Gail Spicuzza



Dairy’s plans don’t add up

Even the latest HDF revision of their dairy plan does not equate to a pastoral dairy. Their latest proposal filed on July 23 seeks approval for an initial phase of 699 cows, grazing on 30 acres a day. Their press release indicated 650-699 cows. Their grazing plan proposes placing the entire herd on less than 30 acres a day. At no point will that equate to 1.5 cows per acre, as claimed in their press release, rather it will be at least 22 cows per acre. The suggestion that the lawsuit would set an unfair precedent for small farms is equally misleading. Nearly 700 dairy cows would be larger than any dairy that ever existed on Kauai and would never be considered a small farm. 

Their latest press release states that HDF still plans on an ultimate herd size of 2,000 cows by phase two. They do not answer the question: How will they keep the manure and urine from running off the farm, when their own plan admits that they will have soil saturation after 1/5” of rain per hour on the farm’s clay soil? 

The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled that a project cannot be broken into smaller phases to avoid environmental review. All phases must be studied together and the review must take place before the first phase begins. Notice, at no time do they specify what the time frame between phase one, and phase two is. 

HDF claims a $6-9 million annual support of Kauai’s economy. They plan to only employ 15-20 people total and milk is to be shipped off island and sold to Meadow Gold, with no control by HDF of its ultimate distribution or pricing. HDF’s offers no specifics as to how they will benefit Kauai with $6-9 million annually. 

Their attack against the Hyatt should carry little favor with local residents, whose businesses and livelihoods have greatly benefited from almost 25 years of Hyatt operation. The Hyatt’s contribution to Kauai has been anything but small, paying over $13 million per year to the County of Kauai and state of Hawaii in taxes, not to mention tourist revenue, salaries to local residents and axillary support businesses.

Bridget Hammerquist



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