Letters for July 29, 2014

• Be sure to honor our forefathers and vote  • Time to form a government • Thanks for donations to school program • Suspicion still up with smaller dairy


Be sure to honor our forefathers and vote

Thanks to our forefathers, we are given the unique opportunity to elect our leaders, those who have the power to enact great change in our community. So, it brings me great sadness to hear that many won’t be participating in the upcoming election, out of spite or disinterest. Why? You have the ability to improve our schools, our healthcare, and many other issues that we face. People are so quick to complain and yet so reluctant to act. 

I know that when I finally am of age to vote, I will never waste an opportunity to help my community. So please honor the many lives that were sacrificed in order to provide the freedoms that we are blessed with here and vote in this upcoming election. Your ballot may make all the difference.  

Lorinda Sasan



Time to form a government

We need you Na Hawaiian with Ph.Ds in all fields to help us come together to start “forming a government.” 

When India was granted independence from England, India demonstrated it could govern itself. Yes, poorly at first and some say still, the point is they were allowed to demonstrate that they could. We cannot start without working on a form of government, the federal government will always point to our lack of unity. 

The civil rights movement of 1964 came to one important point. This is our sovereignty. We can disagree all day long as to what is important, they will point to that. We need to start forming a government. Then, maybe the federal government will back down. Yeah, and a snowball in Dante’s Inferno will last forever. Pessimistic, yes, but the glass is half full.

Anthony Aguiar



Thanks for donations to school program

On July 19, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., I was privileged to participate in the Laulima Giving Program. This was held at our Walmart in Lihue. The donations of school supplies given that day was awarded to the children served by the Queen Liliuokalani Children Center in Lihue. Many thanks to those who donated to this program. 

Ruth Garza



Suspicion still up with smaller dairy

Apparently, the doomsday dairy believes that the Kauai populace cannot see through this deception and subterfuge.

The very evident fact is regardless of the bovine babble, they plan to eventually bring in a herd of 2,000 cows. That will result in the perfume of over 200,000 pounds of cow poop per day that will envelope Poipu beach, the Hyatt, Poipu Kai, and the whole of Poipu.

Yep, the people of Kauai are not going to be bamboozeld by bull and it is insulting to this island’s intelligence to even present such a preposterous proposition. Do not know how many readers have lived near a dairy? Well, I have, and it is not pleasant. Back then, I was a flight instructor and even flying over the Chino area you could smell those dairies from 5,000 feet in the air.

Stay alert, my friends, do not believe these people who did not even know the direction that the trades blow or the composition of the soil.

Capt. Denny Jackson



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