Letters for July 19, 2014

• Monitoring not necessary at park  • No building until highways are improved • Without ferals, rodents will thrive

Monitoring not necessary at park

 I am writing this letter in response to the letter in Friday’s paper about monitoring the dog park. Kauai is lucky to have one of the best dog parks in the United States. I have visited many dog parks in the U.S. and on Oahu. I have never seen anyone monitoring any of the dog parks I have visited. There are two other dog parks on Kauai that also are not monitored. 

 It is up to the people in the dog park to try to settle problems between animals. It occurs to me that a dog as small as a beagle (the dog in question) should be in the small dog park. I have a timid 30-pound dog and he is always at the small dog park because he is intimidated by big dogs. I would hate to lose our dog park because someone feels it should be monitored by the Humane Society. 

 The Humane Society has staffing problems … ie not enough funds to cover needed staff … so if our dog park is closed because they cannot staff it all dog owners lose out, not to mention dogs. There are two other unstaffed dog parks on Kauai but they are far away and the Puhi park is close. My dogs love the Freddy’s dog park.

CA Davis



No building until highways are improved

I am disappointed that anyone would propose a 550-unit subdivision anywhere on Kauai at this time, especially in Eleele. Yes, we do need affordable housing but by adding more traffic to our outdated highways we are going to have virtual gridlock. In my opinion there should be no building permits issued that will increase the population of Kauai until adequate provisions are made to relive traffic and improve the rest of our infrastructure. 

The DOT has spent so much money on our “road to nowhere in front of Kukui Shopping Center,” that we could have made a four-lane highway from Kapaa to Kalaheo and had money left over. We need to get all involved: County of Kauai, state of Hawaii, the public, and the feds to work together as one to fix and improve our sadly lacking infrastructure before we start adding more pressure on our resources. It’s hard to have to pay increasing taxes for pay raises and see no visible improvements. I would like to hear any proposals from those running for election because maybe it’s time for some new ideas.

Charles Moon



Without ferals, rodents will thrive

I was talking with a friend from Australia on Skype and mentioned the idea of eradicating the feral cat population on Kauai and she asked me if we had lost our minds! In Australia, feral cat populations had been decimated and now, when they have steady rains, great growing seasons, wonderful warm days (sounds like Kauai right?) they have an explosion of rat/mice population and they can be over ridden by the thousands! She was not kidding I looked it up.

We need feral cats to keep the rodent population down so trap those in nesting areas and release in a nest free area after they have been neutered. This way, they are no longer a threat to native birds, can not reproduce and can keep rodents, who carry disease, down. Remember studying the Middle Ages and the Black Plague? They killed the cats but the plague was born by fleas on rats. Sounds like we are about to repeat history here.

Also, what about feral pigs? Don’t you think a nice nesting bird would look tasty to a pig?

What we need is a no-kill shelter where people can drop off unwanted/unable to keep animals where they can be cared for, neutered and adopted so they would not need to become feral or be needlessly killed. Yes, before you ask, I have five ferals I adopted and they are warm, loving babies. Let’s look at other options. Take murder off the board.

 Lynx Ellison



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