Letters for July 10, 2014

• Asking questions does not make a good point • Bynum works hard, deserves our vote • Domesticated animals need homes

Asking questions does not make a good point

Regarding John Cragg’s letter, “Questions on that corn donation” on July 7. 

Asking questions is an old, overused form of creating doubt without actually having any facts or information. It’s hobby activism 101. Some people fall for it, but it’s usually people who already agree. However, to show how silly it is, I have a few questions.

Cragg has been lauded for his part in Kauai’s rescue tube operation. But he owns lifeguard, swimming and CPR training corporations on Kauai and on the Mainland (www.jtacpr.com). Do his corporations make a profit selling the tubes to nonprofits? 

Does he purposely manufacture them so they break down quickly, so they have to be replaced, just for his own corporate profits? 

And why did he wait almost two decades from when he started his companies until starting with rescue tubes on Kauai? Did it have to do with profits or was it simply a shrewdly timed corporate PR stunt?

Of course, these questions are ridiculous. But that’s my point. You can ask anything in a one-sided conversation like letters to the editor, and imply anything you want. It’s as useful as spitting in the ocean.


Chuck Lasker


Bynum works hard, deserves our vote

I have known Tim Bynum for over 20 years now from when he applied for a job at Child and Family Service Kauai. Through working with Tim, I found out that he truly cared about the children and the community of Kauai. Tim then went on to work as executive director of the Children’s Justice Center and Leadership Kauai. Many of you remember that Tim was a founder of Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park and was the general coordinator of the Kamalani Playground and Kamalani Kai Bridge community build projects. Tim was a partner and a leader in the passage of Bill 2491, now Ordinance 960. Tim has used his research talents to look at the paperwork trail of chemical companies leasing land and paying taxes on Kauai. Tim followed up his extensive research with his proposed Bill 2456 to establish “agronomics” as a new and separate real property tax class and exclude lands used primarily for crop research or parent seed production from the county’s definition of “agricultural use.”

Shame on the County Council committee members who deferred this bill instead of supporting and keeping the pressure on these “agronomics” companies who are not paying their fair share of taxes and worse, continue to poison our children, our communities and the precious land and waters of Kauai.

Kauai needs Tim Bynum, a person who is smart and committed enough to do the research and find out what is really happening. Please vote for Tim to stay on our County Council!


Mary Lu Kelley


Domesticated animals need homes

I am an animal lover. I have been raised mostly on Kauai around horses, dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc. I have worked as a vet tech and owned many animals in my life. To allow domesticated animals to be living in the wild is not only cruel, but a danger to the native flora and fauna of this island. It is cruel because they need constant protection and affection by us. It is a danger because they kill birds and destroy plants also with their urine and feces. If you can take care of pets then do it at your home, pay for the care and deal with owning a pet, including all the laws and rules. This is not only for cats but all animals, birds or fish. The difference between pet and wild is that the wild lives without humans. 


John Robinson



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