Letters for Wednesday, July 9, 2014

• Pedestrian overpass not necessary • Feral cats can be a benefit • Agree to disagree, with respect

Pedestrian overpass not necessary

In my years of school and college, I tried to stay true to one premise: KISS — Keep It Simple Stupid — meaning don’t over committee it, don’t over design it and don’t over build it. Keep costs down.

The multimillion dollar pedestrian overpass is not necessary. Would it be ADA compliant, anyway?

Use what’s already there. Hotel customers can simply walk to Kuamoo Road, use the existing crosswalk to the beach or use the existing walk/bike path to the restaurant, if it is built. If there were any additional costs to retrofit the crosswalk or path, lighting, etc. they would be minimal and be offset by the owners building the hotel and restaurant at zero cost to taxpayers.


Victor (Bud) Paxman, Kapaa

Feral cats can be a benefit

I was talking with a friend from Australia on Skype and mentioned the idea of eradicating the feral cat population on Kauai and she asked me if we had lost our minds! 

In Australia, feral cat populations had been decimated and now, when they have steady rains, great growing seasons, wonderful warm days (sounds like Kauai right?) they have an explosion in the rat/mice population and they can be overridden by the thousands! She was not kidding, I looked it up. 

We need feral cats to keep the rodent population down, so trap those in nesting areas and release in a nest-free area after they have been neutered. This way, they are no longer a threat to native birds, cannot reproduce, and can keep rodents, who carry disease, down. Remember studying the Middle Ages and the Black Plague? They killed the cats but the plague was born by fleas on rats. Sounds like we are about to repeat history here.

Also, what about feral pigs? Don’t you think a nice, nesting bird would look tasty to a pig? What we need is a no-kill shelter where people can drop off unwanted animals where they can be cared for, neutered and adopted so they would not need to become feral or be needlessly killed. Yes, before you ask, I have five ferals I adopted and they are warm, loving babies. Let’s look at other options. Take murder off the board.

Ali’ilani Kaniu, Kapaa

Agree to disagree, with respect

About the “consideration” of having the Presidential Library for Barack Obama here on the island of Kauai — these are my thoughts to the comments submitted in response to the article that appeared recently in TGI:

1. I realize that there are those who support the idea favorably as well as those who are vehemently against it. Whatever one feels about this, the essence of aloha should prevail.

2. All of us should be mindful of the customs, values, and traditions embedded with that essence of aloha. It has to do with love and respect with one another and with the way in which we take care of our environment, each other, and ourselves in the process. It includes the ways in which we protect and preserve our finite resources and the ways in which we interrelate with one another in our ohana, our community, our island, our environment. We can agree to disagree. When, where, and how it may be possible to reach common ground; and to seek, accept and establish compromise in dealing with matters of controversy and conflict — requires from all of us that collaborative effort to consider those approaches. This is what makes Hawaii a special place to be. This is, for us all, our shared kuleana

Jose Bulatao, Jr., Kekaha


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