Discipline gone viral

A convicted felon goes free after allegedly raping a 14-year-old because DNA stolen from the evidence room makes it impossible to convict. 

Hung jury lets alleged murderer go free.

Bank robber trial ends in mistrial. Robber goes home.

Meanwhile, a Kauai man was given probation and a fine in 5th Circuit Court for punishing his son by making him walk a mile for not answering his questions — a form of discipline a judge called “old school” and “no longer appropriate.”

Kilauea resident Robert DeMond pleaded no contest to endangering the welfare of a minor in lieu of a court trial. He was sentenced to one year of probation, a $200 fine and to a child parenting class for a misdemeanor charge of second-degree endangering the welfare of a minor.

Reporter extraordinaire Tom LaVenture of The Garden Island news penned the article that went viral to many national news networks and social media outlets worldwide, as comment boards around the world lit up.

The story was about a Kauai judge and prosecutor that may have gone a little overboard and a father just trying to teach one of his three boys a lesson after the child misbehaved in school.

If my parents were alive today, they would most likely be in jail or on probation with most other parents of their era.

Murderers, robbers and rapists go free. A man disciplining his child gets fined and probation.

The parents of the baby boomers, the post-World War II parents, my parents, were some of the best parents in the world. Back then you could spank , even belt your kids. I remember friends of mine having to clean their fathers car with a toothbrush — it took all day.

I was belted, spanked, pinched, hit and grounded. Many parents, and even the schools, would use a wooden paddle board to spank and discipline out of control children.

If the parents and teachers of my generation were around today,  many would be sitting in jail with serial killers, rapists, junkies and murderers.

The general consensus with comment boards around the world seemed to be that the court system messed up and the father should be able to discipline his own child by walking home from school.

Enclosed are some of the more interesting comments from the TGI news comments section:

“Here come da judge!” “Here come da prosecutor!”

“I’m sure the courts have more important things to do than prosecute a father who actually wants to father his child. I’d rather do jail time than have a judge who is clueless tell me how I will parent my child.”

“I think we’ve become a nation of cowards fools and sheep — we won’t let boys climb trees — skate — God forbid they fall down and cut themselves.”

“According to other reports, the father returned to check on the child, only to realize the child was missing. A short time later he learned a neighbor picked up the boy and called police … So the moron known as a judge punishes the father yet lets neighbor off for child abduction?”

“The prosecutor and judge got this one wrong. Kudos to the father for disciplining his son! The fact that this even went to court at all is nuts! Walking one mile home from school at age 8 is acceptable in my book.”

“This judge needs to be investigated. The father’s probation dropped. And the child should have a long list of chores.”

“The adventures of Tommy LaVenture!” Keep up the great work Mr. LaVenture!” I hope you have many more of your writings go viral, TGI is blessed to have you!”

Finally, FOX News reported, “Punish your child in a manner that meets the disapproval of Judge Kathleen Watanabe and face not only a fine, but also probation. Talk about big government gone wild!”


James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living in Kapaa with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby www.dakinetalk.blogspot.com


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