Letters for Tuesday, June 10, 2014

• Many thanks for returned purse • There are ways to save Kalaheo Clinic • Great memories of walking to school

Many thanks for returned purse

I recently left my purse in a shopping cart as I hurried into my car to make an appointment. I was upset when I discovered it missing but I know there are many trustworthy and honest people on Kauai and I hoped for the best. However, when I checked with the store my purse had not been turned in. My hope was fading until I called the police department and they reported my purse was turned into them! Officer Joe Snyder was most accommodating by personally bringing my purse to me. I appreciate his concern for this worried Kauai resident.

There is more to this story. I want to offer a reward to the person who found my purse and turned it in all intact. That person was given my name and phone number and asked to call me for the reward. I have received no call yet. I am a believer in paying it forward and so is my son, who gave me $50 for Mother’s Day. He said if you don’t think of anything you want then give it to someone else. The $50 was in my purse in a special compartment waiting for the right time to give it out. This is definitely the right person to give it to. 

I want to pay it forward. I know about not expecting a reward for doing the right thing. I work with our Kauai Elementary School children through the Aloha Peace Project. This is a character education program K-5 devoted to providing a culture of respectful and compassionate people. Part of this can be doing a kind deed in secret and without compensation. But if my son and I can start a chain of others paying it forward with this $50, it would give us much pleasure. I’m asking the person who found my purse to call me so we might begin the chain for families this summer to play the “game” of paying it forward to do kind deeds for others.


 Laura Taylor


There are ways to save Kalaheo Clinic

I just came back from the Kalaheo Clinic meeting. The problems and solutions seem so simple. Problems:

1. Government bureaucracy doesn’t care for people.

2. Abercrombie.

3. Way too many directors, managers, boards, committees, etc. 

4. Unaccounted moneys … due to either incompetence, mismanagement or lined pockets.

5. Kawakami never sent rent bill to Kalaheo Clinic, so they didn’t know that they were being charged outrageous sums for empty rental units (was he waiting for the state to send him a big check?).

6. Clinic storing multi-boxing of old records for years (it’s the law) in one of the Kawakami’s apartments.


1. Vote for Duke Aiona.

2. Get rid of at least half or more of the directors, boards and committees so we can follow the money.

3. Make (named) directors/managers accountable to record how much they receive, owe and pay out.

4. Kawakami can rent out his apartments separately so that clinic isn’t stuck with the bill that they are not even using.

5. Use extra money from getting rid of half the top boards (Abercrombie is giving them a raise by the way) to pay a few people here on Kauai to computerize boxes of records or at least store them in a storage unit. It will save millions for the clinics.


Ann Matsumoto


Great memories of walking to school

I recently saw this article (”Dad gets probation, fine for making son walk mile”) in the local Daily Star here about Lihue’s naughty judge who fined Mr. Robert Demond $200, plus one year’s probation for making his son walk the mile to his home, instead of proving the obdurate son with his usual ride home.

I’m sure the father had a pretty logical reason.

Honors to Judge Kathleen Watanabe for calling this judgement for what it was, “old school,” and no longer appropriate. I recall walking over a mile in the 1930s to my three years of mid-term schooling, way back then without much complaint. I have fine memories of Kauai, starting in 1944 with a few weeks of “R and R” backwood’s bunking in the Kalaheo area, after outfit’s spending a year in the forward areas of Micronesia. 

I have sweet memories of Kauai and I hope to make at least one more visit to such a memorable place. And I’ll be sure to watch my driving.


W.G. “Bill” Williams 

Tucson, Ariz.


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