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A taste of Google

Twenty years ago, if you didn’t feel good you went to the doctor. Twenty years ago, if your dog was whoozing and sleeping all day, you would take your buddy to the vet. Twenty years ago, if you were writing a dissertation for your Ph.D, you’d go to the library. 

Fast forward to 2014 where anything you need to know can be looked up instantaneously via any web search engine. The Internet is available everywhere, from coffee shops, fast food establishments and hotels via WiFi. If one doesn’t have a computer, smartphones are now capable of doing what computers do and sometimes more.

There are many search engines on which to consult about anything and everything. There is Bing, Ask, Dogpile, Yahoo, Google and many more search engines to ask any question the human mind can think, or even dream, of.

Search engines are the encyclopedia of this era. Anything you need to know can be typed into a search engine. Any person you need information on can also be typed into a search engine.

The most popular search engine is Google and the term “Google it” has become synonymous with telling someone to look it up on a search engine. Just like the term “Xerox” became synonymous with the word copy, although there are many copy machine manufacturers, “Xerox” became the hype, just as Google is now the hype. Nobody ever says I am going to Bing, Dogpile or Yahoo it.

The name Google is believed to be named after the misspelling of the mathematical term “Googol.” The term “Googol” means the number one which is then followed by 100 zeros.

The word Google sounds like baby talk. On the contrary, it has answers to almost everything. I love to Google names from my past, like old girlfriends, people from elementary school, high school, college and even the names of those reading this.

I tested Google for accuracy and Googled, “Kauai’s ultimate Sunday brunch.” Google and Bing both came up with “Taste of Hawaii.”

The Taste of HawaiI on Kauai is always the first Sunday in June from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. It features 40-plus chefs from restaurants around Hawaii, 15-plus beverage vendors, 10-plus musical and entertainment groups and a large silent auction, all at the amazing Smith’s Tropical Paradise.

Tickets for the 26th annual Taste are $100 in advance and $55 of each ticket can be used as a charitable write off on your next tax return. The hosting Kapaa Rotary Club said that beer and wine are included. The law requires, no matter what your age, to have ID. 

Profits go toward scholarships for local youth and fund international projects such as providing safe drinking water and sanitation for people in poverty stricken areas. Taste is an unlimited taste of food, a taste of community, a taste of charity. If it weren’t for the Taste, I would be a total social recluse. It is the one event I attend religiously each and every year.

Now to test Google one more time, I just Googled Kauai’s greatest newspaper and came up with The Garden Island news! The two greatest things about Kauai, The Garden Island news and The Taste of Hawaii!

OK, now back to Google.

How many people have ever Googled themselves? Googling yourself sounds like something the priest might discipline you for. Googling yourself actually feels good. Anyone with a computer who has not Googled themselves is most likely lying. Googling yourself is something almost everyone has done, however most people never admit to it — plus it just sounds cool to say, “Google it.”

I am recommending to everyone, forget what the masses say and go Google yourself. You won’t go blind and you may just learn a thing or two about that person in the mirror. I most certainly did.


• James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living in Kapaa with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby


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