Letters for Friday, April 11, 2014

• Easy way to perform cup check • We are all headed in same direction • Kauai doesn’t need ferry or dairy

Easy way to perform cup check

I find it hard to believe that a high school baseball coach would not know whether his players are wearing protective cups (TGI, April 3).

The coach merely has to line up his players, then go down the line and hand each player a baseball bat. He then tells the player to hit himself in the protected area. If he’s not wearing a cup he’ll never forget to wear one again. If he is wearing a cup, the coach will hear the sound of wood hitting plastic.

Gary Gathman, Coto de Caza, Calif.

We are all headed in same direction

OK, the first thing I need to say is that I hate politics when it needlessly tears communities apart. Sustainable farming is an oxymoron. Out of the last 200,000 years of humanity, the last 10,000 was the beginning of the end. Agriculture, whether high-tech or organic, is a destructive, human population growing practice.

If we are to go back to our roots and stop doing damage to our environment, we need to stop driving cars, buying/creating things that take mass amounts of energy to produce, that run on lithium batteries or fossil fuels, living twice as long as our ancestors and polluting water. You get the picture. It’s just not going to happen and we are all to blame.

 One thing is for sure. We are all together in the same luxury cruise liner, which will eventually hit its iceberg. Sure, it will make us all feel better to point the finger at the other guy, but only ones we have to blame is ourselves. You are reading this, and I wrote this, through a vehicle of unnecessary waste. Both you and I are heading for the same, unavoidable place. Let’s all just get along.

Don D. Lima, Omao

Kauai doesn’t need ferry or dairy

Wow. I guess The Garden Island lets a guy who calls himself “Kimo” to say the people on Kauai are idiots! And we should let anyone destroy the beauty “that the island offers” to everyone. I remember Mr. Kimo and how he so was “pro-activist” and wanted the ferry on the island. He paints a good picture, but leaves out all the bad. And very bad stuff (like drugs, and anything that can find its way here on a ferry).

We have only 70,000 people on this island. The million can stay on Oahu. The people of Kauai island have spoken and that’s why there is no ferry!  And locals are speaking about the dairy, and outside billionaires are the ones that want the dairy farm! For what? Possibly 12 jobs?

By the way, Hanford nuclear facilities were a good idea, and now it’s a trillion dollar cleanup. How much is the dairy farm going to cost the people to restore the damage after this billionaire entrepreneur project fails?  

Maybe Kimo should stick to photography and stop talking as if locals don’t care! They do. They do care! But the money seems to talk louder.

BJ Thomas, Koloa


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