Letters for Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vujicic right about suffering on KauaiRight decision on well projectDairy development has already gone too farTiger receives too much attention

Vujicic right about suffering on Kauai

Mr. Nick Vujicic, I have seen him on TV. He is amazing, as is Bethany. I was captured by his words while reading the TGI story about his visit and with whom he and his “team” presented themselves to. He used the word “intense,” a lot of pain, suffering, sensing something troubling in Kauai young people, abuses of substances.

Folks who have themselves faced issues of suicide are proficient in their abilities to see and feel things that others overlook or deny until one of those very same youngsters has taken the ultimate ride while not considering the horror story they leave behind because they were to ashamed or scared to make mention.

Motivational people are God’s gift to all of us who are privy to cross their paths. Mahalo to Nick, Bethany and all the others in our midst continuing the outreach. It is helpful, but what is it that we can do to have this particular “suicide” issue on the top of Kauai’s vigilance radar? Many do not heed gut instinct and signs that something is off. Kauai has suffered tremendously with this particular call, as Nick assesses. Maybe Nick will make a return visit in the near future to see if any good changes are evidenced. Mahalo for the gift that is Nick. Ohana Kauai, keep your eyes wide open, not shut.

Debra Kekaualua


Right decision on well project

Mahalo to Keith Aoki. Why? Because this gentleman gave me the courtesy of reading my communications and taking them seriously in regards to the Horizontal Well Drilling Project, and for his courtesy I would like to publicly thank him.

I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the DOW meeting two weeks ago and was very pleased with the cordial atmosphere.

I was even more pleased that cultural considerations were taken in as a factor and logic and reason prevailed. I am also extremely pleased that the project was suspended.

This time, things did work out for the best.

Sometimes on Kauai, we do get it right.

Anne Punohu


Dairy development has already gone too far

Under the guise of “We’ll get back to you on that,” Hawaii Dairy Farm continues to set aside and evade serious questions of fact and precedent and, without the usual necessary approval to proceed, is directly building it now.

The misapplication of partial data in the HDF proposal is too obvious, however, to go unchallenged.

With misstated soil conditions and partially ignored significant rain fall events to forgotten hurricanes, and by drawing likenesses to dairy concepts more contrasting than comparative, HDF has failed. That it has gone as far as it has represents a failure of agency due diligence, a need for a more careful watch on big business methods of conduct and for business enterprises to balance, at a higher level, personal gain with the general well-being of others.

 Leave why HDF is attempting to do this for later. What they are doing is ignoring or denying the need to respond to the natural environmental history of the Mahaulepu area.

  All applications for major construction permits include a 100 percent historical evaluation of events which created a harmful disruption to life livability, environmental or ecological harm. That period should cover the last 100 years in many cases, 30 years at the least in others, and would include drought, hurricanes, floods, water shortage, water pollution, air pollution, destruction of historical significance, rare animal habitat and yes, compatibility to its surroundings.

 None of these were considered in the manner expected of any big or small entity, including Hawaii Dairy Farms.


Ronald John

San Luis Obispo, Calif.,

former Kapaa resident

Tiger receives too much attention

Is it just me, or is anyone else fed up with all of the “headline” news about one person who is not playing in the Masters Golf Tournament this year? I am speaking of Tiger Woods.

OK, he’s an excellent golfer. I’ll give him that. Beyond that, I see no redeeming social value to this man. He is arrogant, self-centered, narcissistic and obnoxious. He is not a good father figure nor does he exemplify the faithful husband.

There are 97 excellent golfers competing for the treasured “Green Jacket.” Why not focus on them and their talents? Why not focus on what is going on on the fairways and the greens? What do you suppose these 97 golfers are thinking when the focus is on one missing person. “What am I, chopped liver?”

Enough of Tiger Woods!

Dave Stokley



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