Letters for Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013

Companies not being good neighborsYouth leading the wayBuy local treesImprovements needed at airport crosswalksDairy farm concerns

Companies not being good neighbors

The spurt of compliance by the Kauai biotechs with the state’s Good Neighbor Program to advise of pesticide application, and to respect  buffer zones around public buildings, is a choice by those companies for the lesser of two demands. By complying with the voluntary program, they are acknowledging that they could have done this all along.

This is not a peace offering, but a diversion from what is coming in the next state Legislature to pre-empt the peoples’ desire for control of their health and safety and the protection of the aina.

Merle Inouye


Youth leading the way

Richard Nixon’s antics first sparked my political awareness right out of high school. Upon moving to Kauai a few years later, stopping high rise on Kauai and Nukolii were the emotional issues. Some immediate battles were lost, but ultimately truth always prevailed. Youth fighting for justice and democracy! That force has brought down empires throughout history.

The current movement against multinational corporations threatening our health, environment and self-determination has been largely sparked by young adults cutting their teeth in the political arena. It is a beautiful thing to behold as I know, this new political force can move mountains.

My big concern is, and this letter is addressed to you young activists: Do not become jaded even if you feel the cards are stacked. It is easy to feel this is a pre-scripted act being played out. Remember: There are an infinite number of ways the ultimate goal can be achieved. You are like the tide; keep on coming!


Rob Brower


Buy local trees

Every year when Christmas trees arrive, we have Christmas trees full of invasive insects and snails. And sometimes snakes. Doesn’t matter what the percentage of trailers filled with these trees is. These unwanted pests come with the trees.

I keep hearing, “buy local!” Yet we bring these trees in. For what? The fragrance of this trees and the looks may be like being in a winter wonderland. All fine and good for the Mainland. Here in the islands we have our own Christmas tree (the Norfork pine). It lasts longer through Christmas.

So, again I’ll say, “buy local!” Keep invasive insects, snails and snakes far away.

Howard Tolbe


Improvements needed at airport crosswalks

Over the last few months I have noticed all three of the traffic lights located at the pedestrian crosswalks at Lihue Airport have been flashing red continuously rather than the usual green, yellow, red sequences we are all used to.

In the past, the traffic lights at all three crosswalks were controlled by pedestrians using the push button controls to turn the traffic lane lights red, thus ensuring their (the pedestrian’s) safety.

Why was this changed?

Is this change to red flashing lights an improvement designed to control traffic flow and pedestrian safety at the three crosswalks?

Are red flashing lights proven to effectively improve pedestrian and vehicle safety or is this an experiment?

As a passenger and frequent user of this airport, I must say that since this change I have noticed many instances of vehicles driving straight through the pedestrian crosswalks without stopping. I believe that it is just a matter of time before a pedestrian is seriously injured or killed.

There are many times during the day when all the vehicle traffic lanes in front of the terminal building are extremely busy. Having only one security guard trying to control all this vehicle and pedestrian traffic will likely result in a serious accident.

The airport authorities must also realize this is a very serious situation as they have placed a crossing guard at one of the crosswalks. But why just one crosswalk, why not all three?

Finally, are the security guards manning (only) the center crosswalk properly trained in traffic control and guidance?


Bill Doherty


Dairy farm concerns

New dairy on Kauai? I read that Grove Farm Co. has leased a lot of land to a company that will start a cattle dairy on the south side of Kauai. It will have 1,800 cows, they say.

It seems that public input would be important on this project. There are health issues related to this project that need to be addressed. I also hope they plan on providing cheaper, non-growth hormone milk to Kauai.

John Robinson



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