Letters for Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013

Don’t assumeGod made each of us in our own wayThanks for help

Don’t assume

In response to Gail Rosen’s letter, “Don’t knock the council’s actions” (TGI, Nov. 24), I would like to know where Gail Rosen got her education to be a mind reader.

She tells us how sneaky the mayor is with his plans of making the override of the veto more difficult.

She failed to remind all of us that Gary Hooser is the mastermind of pulling tricks out of the bag.

Do you really think the council was shaking in their shoes over any plan of the mayor’s?

 Do you really believe that the four council members picked a replacement without knowing upfront that they had a no chance to lose the vote? This is the prime example of “corrupt politics.”

I read opinions that should be based on what we physically hear, see or read. One thing is for sure.

What information I have seen or read from the mayor himself is that he believes the intent of the bill is what’s needed. He believes there is a process that legally covers everybody’s okole.

The truth is, he is no different than the rest of us in that the people, environment and the actions in all communities are paramount in taking the right choice of action.

He has tried to educate all of us on the right ways we should progress. His actions have fallen on deaf ears. Now we have another “GH lynching mob” that says it’s going to be our way or the highway.

Steve Martin


God made each of us in our own way

It is a fact, and a little realized reality, that the Bible, or any cultural scripture, is not the actual living God to worship.

To worship a material thing is forbidden as a form of idolatry. This does not mean the males, only allowed to write then, were not inspired by God, but wrote from their limited view of God and nature.

Two thousand years later we have a more scientific understanding, that is part of our fullness of “the truth,” promised, to those who allow the living God of all, who is love, for all, to stay alive in their hearts, so they would know what is right to do.

Most of us, about 90 percent, we know now, are heterosexual by the time we reach adulthood and to us, sex with the same sex then becomes an abomination, or sin.

But this is equally true for a homosexual in his created nature, an abomination, to have sex with the opposite sex.

We do not know God’s reasoning for creating us in this way, perhaps a break for over population, we just know only that very few, the minority of children, become bisexual, while in childhood most are.

Then hormones of both kinds kick in.

There are many motives to hang on to the past, some good and some not so good, prejudice is from a negative source, not very godly to my way of knowing God.

Please think the best for all.

Carol Dudney


Thanks for help

I am writing to thank the many people and businesses that helped raise more than $2,700 for the Zumba Global Research Grant for breast cancer prevention, managed by Susan G. Komen at the Saturday, Oct. 19, Party in Pink Zumbathon charity event held at CKMS.

It was a huge success thanks to the 70 who attended and participated in the prize drawing and silent auction.

Party in Pink is a worldwide event, and it was a blast to have it on Kauai. I’m honored and glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this worthy cause.

Patricia Agustin Melendez



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