Letters for Thursday, Nov. 12, 2013

Thank you donorsMarriage numbers‘Flip-flop’ • Bill 2491Don’t mind the roostersThanks, Dr. Denny

Thank you donors

A big mahalo to all the many donors who contributed in making this weekend’s St. Michael and All Angels’ Silent Auction a success. It’s inspiring and heartwarming to know that so many local businesses cared enough to participate with their donations. We are forever grateful! Also our special thanks to those who purchased. Your generosity is appreciated.

Colette Buis


Marriage numbers

• 50 percent-plus of heterosexual marriages end in divorce

• There aren’t as many homosexual “marriages” as compared to heterosexual couples, so the sample population is smaller, making the statistics look higher.

• There was a time where interracial marriage was frowned upon, would some of us be here today if it wasn’t for someone who spoke up?

• When will we judge people on their character rather than their beliefs?

• There’s a separation of church and state for a reason, this isn’t supposed to be decided on a religious basis.

• Times are changing whether we like it or not, we can either embrace it or fight it. There will always be a party that will be unsatisfied, no matter what circumstances in life.

• There are worse things going on in the world right now than homosexuality.

• Heterosexual couples are allowed to get married anywhere and everywhere, but yet balk at same-sex couples coming to Hawaii and Kauai to be married. What makes you think only homosexual people from states who don’t allow marriage will come here. More tourism money!

You can think what you want, I believe in love for everyone because that is the way I was raised. What people do is their business, no one else’s. Some homosexuals have been together longer than some heterosexual couples. People are making a big deal over this, an idea of what may happen. Yeah it’s scary, but that’s the beauty of being human, if they don’t work out we can always change it.

Whatever happens, we should radiate love, not hate.

Jahrylee Kanikawila



In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to obtain favorable rulings from a Supreme Court that had ruled against much of his New Deal program with the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill. The bill would have allowed him to appoint six new justices. Despite his huge popularity and having just won the most lopsided election in U.S. history, the bill failed in a Congress he controlled because of a public that found the “court-packing plan” repugnant.

Recently, the Kauai County Council used a “council-packing plan” when their vote tally did not agree with the agenda of four members. This also represented a “flip-flop” from the previous decision not to do such a thing on principle.

Those who then applauded this naked political maneuvering often evoke “the public” as a phrase that applies to them alone. Historically, the public has shown great electoral disdain for those who maneuver so and for flip-floppers.  Next year we shall see who “the public” really is!

Pete Antonson


Bill 2491

So here is how politics works on this island, a Monday morning schoolboy’s view.

Six council members present, each flips a coin once.

Four heads to override, two to veto. Only six coin flips allowed. Suddenly one member calls for re-flip for Saturday so we can add another flipper. He noticed flipper number six had a double “tailed” coin, assuring his defeat.

He wants this win so bad he’s willing to throw his integrity under the bus. The re-flip request was made after he knew he would lose.

So we are back to playground rules. Do-overs and let’s add the best two-out-of-three wins. By the way, the rule was changed by Hooser, it happened after the flips were completed, not at the beginning for fairness, per official playground rules.

Rick Comstock


Don’t mind the roosters

In response to the letter from Kathy Wahl, Kathy, I lived in Santa Cruz for many years. I have lived on Kauai for over 20. I would gladly trade all drug-dealing homeless people that you people seem to tolerate well there in Santa Cruz for the chickens we have here on Kauai.

I prefer to wake up to the healthy sound of roosters instead of the police sirens there arresting some drug-crazed homeless person that tried to break into a car or strong arm somebody. I also prefer to see a mother hen with her cute brood of baby chicks walking behind her instead of homeless people begging at the intersection on 41st Avenue or sleeping on the street and in the parking lots on Pacific Avenue.

Homelessness and its associated crimes are on the rise there in Santa Cruz. Due to years of liberal progressive politics, panhandling is obviously well tolerated and they are rewarded as your city provides services that attract the disadvantaged to its borders from all over the state. We like our chickens, our values and lifestyle very much here, thank you.

John Clayton


Thanks, Dr. Denny

For over four years my husband has been struggling with this terrible monster – cancer. His oncologist was Dr. Aileen Denny.

We have just learned that she has resigned from Wilcox Memorial Hospital. This is a great loss to the hospital and to her many cancer patients. She never gave up working with Gregg and his struggles with this monster and the treatment. Dr. Denny was a very caring doctor — we shall miss her greatly. Thank you Dr. Denny for all you did for us. Gregg is currently in remission.

Vivian Nickerson



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