Benefits of the new KIUC petition

Second Amendment privacy issues and disease-causing health issues from smart meters are very real. Smart meter proprietary software has unknown capabilities and Mainland utilities plan to sell personal household data.

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative’s website cites a CCST report for safety, which Santa Cruz Department of Health has rejected. One smart meter emits as much harmful radio frequency as 160 cell phones and can’t be turned off. Detection equipment shows that we in dense neighborhoods now live in dangerous EMF smog because of uninformed board decisions.

KIUC is somewhat innocent however. They were misled.

A recent comment on a TGI article stated that someone getting electro-sensitivity is idiotic tinfoil-hat foolishness. This attitude parallels the side lining of Waimea parents who testify about their children getting sick from pesticides. If we hold to compassion as core guidance in our world view, smart meter and GMO issues are compelling. There is a parallel. If we hold to “right to know” and “home rule,” again there is a convergence of core values.

KIUC verbiage is already unfairly framing the new petition opt-out issue, before the wording of the coming ballot has even been crafted. This is reprehensible.

“The decision by the board was about fair cost recovery for our members — reading those old meters costs money,” the CEO of KIUC said.

They should substitute unfair for fair in that sentence and safe, non-invasive and inexpensive when referring to the old meters for a more accurate statement.

Petitioners have not worded their ballot yet, but the above quote includes questionable assumptions. Since we know the diseases are coming (see, we know the lawsuits are coming. Do those who opt out deserve a discount for not being part of the cost, maintenance or future legal liabilities of the smart grid?   

KIUC board and staff, and the PUC, have yet to wake up from the advertising they swallowed. The global sales pitch instilled the idea of “benefit” which hasn’t been proven.

In UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Connecticut, Michigan, Illinois and German studies, the smart grid is a cost and benefit loser. Replacement cost of a smart meter is five times more than replacing standard, reliable, longer lasting analog meters. Why should informed opt-out members pay more when they are not cost causers by being part of the smart grid loser program?

Can KIUC prove the smart grid has saved members money? Rather than be afraid of criticism, KIUC should allow complete disclosure of analysis so geniuses of the community can examine these questions. A real Co-op can pool its discernment.

In the sales pitch period, all we heard about was benefit, but now industry is discussing risks.

Taken from the pages of Smart Grid Today, interviews reveal in-depth perspectives on what is working [and what is not working] and where the risks [RISKS!] lie in the areas of AMI, business and finance, cybersecurity, data analytic and management, demand response, smart grid deployments, energy efficiency, energy storage, environment, regulatory policy, technology and more.

With these controversies and liability issues, 10 percent of electric account holders on Kauai have opted out of the guinea pig meters.

But the global control program wants eventual 100 percent compliance, so it appears that the PUC desires opt-out attrition. This may be the real reason for the unfair double charging of opt-out households. Cost recovery is an excuse. Through extortion, PUC wants us to cave in. But our doubts are substantiated, and our health and privacy are on the line!

If the KIUC Board became experts on the risks of smart meters, they would reject the federal contract for lack of disclosure. Or the board can ignore industry experts and pretend there are no risks, and appeal after appeal by whistleblowers will continue. The Second Amendment issue has legs. I’m afraid the KIUC Board of Directors will eventually be sued personally if they fail to study the facts. For this reason, each received a DVD Take Back Your Power, which readers can rent cheaply online. Google it. It is one of those whistleblower movies that will change the way you view experimental technology.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said, “First, there must be a sufficient demonstration that implementation of the smart meter programs will actually produce a net economic benefit to customers. Second, customers must be afforded a meaningful and fair opportunity to opt out of smart meter installation without being penalized by unwarranted and excessive costs.”


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