Letters for Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013

KIUC has violated our trustDisappointed in Kauai’s mayorLove the sinner, hate the sin

KIUC has violated our trust

Once again, the KIUC board and CEO David Bissell have violated the trust of all members by calling a special meeting on Oct. 1 of the KIUC board with only 24 hours notice, and only the required notification on their office door and to board members.

As a result, KIUC members did not know this meeting was called, therefore were not in attendance and had no input in the action of the board.

They voted 6 to 2, making application to the PUC for a monthly fee of $10.27, billed to any KIUC member who refuses to install a smart meter. With a $75 set up fee, this penalty totals $198.24 for the first year and $123.24 every year thereafter, resulting in thousands of dollars during the lifetime of the member.

Even though countless members have tried to discuss this issue at many meetings for more than two years with the board and the CEO, and I was advised at their Sept. 24 meeting, the board chair promised that no decision would be made about an opt-out fee without public input at a board meeting.

The draft minutes of the Oct. 1 meeting indicate no details of any discussion of why this fee is being charged other than KIUC has determined the costs to read the meters of those members who never gave permission for a smart meter to be installed.  

However, CEO Bissell is quoted in the Aug. 17, 2011, Garden Island, “It would be likely that KIUC would provide an estimated bill most months and an actual meter reader would visit only a couple times a year to get a reading.”

To keep rates as low as possible, this and other reasonable solutions should have been stated by members at the Oct. 1 meeting had they been informed.

To have a voice in this process, please contact the Division of Consumer Advocacy, (808) 586-2800 and the Public Utilities Commission, (808) 586-2020 or Kauai 274-3141 and/or  file a written complaint by downloading a two-page form at: cca.hawaii.gov. I am requesting that any PUC hearings on this matter be conducted on Kauai.

Marj Dente


Disappointed in Kauai’s mayor

Following is the letter I sent to our attorney/mayor.

I can’t even bring myself to start this letter with “aloha” — how can you feel aloha for someone who cares so little for the people of Kauai? Monsanto and their fellow chemical companies are buying politicians and elections all over the country. Recall Prop 37 in California and currently Bill 522 in Washington state. And even here on our little island. To the mayor:

Since when did you get a law degree that supersedes the legal opinion of the attorneys who reviewed Bill 2491 prior to its introduction?

Clearly you march to the will of the chemical companies — the people be dammed.

I smell a recall in the ethers! Maybe you already have a good job lined up with the chemical companies and don’t care about being the mayor anymore.

So, so disappointed in you!

Judie Hoeppner


Love the sinner, hate the sin

I often hear Christians called intolerant in regards to same-sex marriage and we are also repeatedly told Jesus would accept homosexuals as he taught to “love everyone.” As a follower of Christ, I would like to make a humble attempt at answering the “What would Jesus do?” question.

Jesus would love them.

Jesus would also warn them that they are sinning against God — just as he would warn adulterers, molesters, tax evaders etc. Multiple times Jesus implores people to “repent and sin no more.”

Jesus also talks about hell more than any other subject. Why? Because he loves the sinner and therefore warns them of the consequences of their decisions.

We tend to compare ourselves to others — “I’m a better person than Hitler so surely God will let me into heaven.” But we need to compare ourselves to God, not fallible humans. When we do that, all of us fall short. All of us deserve hell. Pride is the downfall of everyone of us. We justify our sins, we justify our idols.

This is why Jesus had to die for us. The reason Jesus is the only way to heaven is because by accepting his death for our sins we are acknowledging there is only one God. We tend to cherry-pick our ideal god. Usually this false god will forgive us no matter what we do. However, the one true God, though he loves us no matter what, is a just God and will not overlook our sins if we are not one of his children. (Think about that —  if your child commits a crime you plead for leniency, if it’s a stranger, you want full justice.)

So those who accept Jesus as their savior will receive leniency; those who refuse will receive justice. We Christians pray for all the lost. We don’t want laws in place to make it more difficult for the lost to find their way home. This is why we oppose same-sex marriage. We are not being intolerant, we have only your eternal life in mind and love you too much to see you separated from God for eternity. God doesn’t send anyone to hell, we send ourselves there when we choose not to follow the God of the Bible.

To learn more about the Christian perspective on this important issue I recommend two books, “A case for Christ” for those new to understanding Jesus and “Footsteps of the Messiah” for those wanting something meatier.

I pray you will choose God, and know his love. God bless.

Kelly Sato



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