Da Shadow’s Corner: Planning Department

Editor’s note: Old-timers might still remember the introduction from The Shadow radio program: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Jerome Freitas, a retired state Department of Transportation worker who is now better known as Da Shadow, since 2004 has been meeting with government representatives about problems he has discovered or that have been reported to him, and reporting the county’s responses.

Planning Department

Da Shadow: If the public has a complaint about an illegal TVR or some work that may be ongoing without a permit, who can they call to file the complaint?

County: You should call the Planning Department main line at 241-4050. Describe the situation to the person who answers so that he or she can refer you to the appropriate inspector.

Cane haul road from Puhi to Wailua

Da Shadow: There is an old cane haul road that runs mauka of the highway from Puhi all the way to Wailua, that could be used to alleviate traffic congestion in Lihue and Hanamaulu. Are there any plans to develop a bypass road on this old cane haul road?

County: The future plan to create a bypass using this existing roadway is identified as the Lihue Mauka Bypass in the State Department of Transportation Long Range Transportation Plan. The County’s Department of Public Works has created a CIP project funded by the County to kick start the process. We will hire a consultant to prepare the preliminary planning and environmental assessment and feasibility for a project as outlined in the DOT plan. The consultant will be selected shortly and the work is to commence soon. The proposed route is from Puhi to the entrance of Kauai Beach Resort. The section from Kauai Beach Resort to Wailua is owned by two landowners; Grove Farm owns the first section of about 1.3 miles, and the balance of about 3 miles is owned by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

Haleko Road

Da Shadow: On this road going from Rice Street to Kukui Grove, it looks like the guardrail is damaged on the right side. Also, it looks like trees need to be trimmed as they’re overhanging the road. Can Public Works address this?

County: Trimming of trees is tentatively scheduled for December of 2013. Damage to guardrails is just cosmetic and they will not be replaced at this time.

Inia Street

Da Shadow: Can the County install signs to alert motorists that there is a pre-school in the area of Inia Street and Kauwila Street?

County: We will contact the pre-school to determine the extent of the safety concern and address the situation as appropriate.

Kaneka Street

Da Shadow: At the Puhi Road intersection, a portion of the curbing has been crushed and it has not been fixed for quite some time. When will this be addressed?

County: Repairs to this curbing will be addressed before the end of this calendar year. For the time being, cones have been placed in the area.

Keapana Road

Da Shadow: Near St. Catherine’s, there is a 10’x10’ patch of road that is in desperate need of repatching. This request has been made several times. It doesn’t seem appropriate to wait years to have the entire road repaved before addressing this small patch of pavement. Please, can this be addressed?

County: The repair of this roadway section will be completed by October 2013.

Moloaa Road

Da Shadow: When you turn right onto this road from northbound Kuhio Highway, there is no yellow center line. When will this be restriped? Also, there are many potholes along this road. When will they be filled?

County: Moloaa Road is considered a country road due to its 14-foot width. We will stripe only a 50-foot portion from the stop bar. Potholes will be addressed at a future date. We are unable to provide a timeframe at this time.

Papalina Road

Da Shadow: This road needs to have its shoulders smoothed and widened. I have also been told that Kukukuiolono Park has deeded a 10-foot wide strip of land on the mauka side of Papalina so that the shoulder could be widened and striped. Are there any plans to address the shoulders of these roads?

County: There are no plans at the moment to widen Papalina Road. Upon observation of the roadway, shoulders look in decent condition and no attention is needed at this time.

• Jerome Freitas can be reached at theshadow96751@gmail.com or 635-3528. Visit his website at http://theshadow96746.tripod.com.


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