Da Shadow’s Corner: Wailua Golf Course

Editor’s note: Old-timers might still remember the introduction from The Shadow radio program: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Jerome Freitas, a retired state Department of Transportation worker who is now better known as Da Shadow, since 2004 has been meeting with government representatives about problems he has discovered or that have been reported to him, and reporting the county’s responses.

Wailua Golf Course

Da Shadow: There used to be night hours available for the driving range. Why was that stopped? Is the county considering opening the driving range again at night? If not, why not?

County: The driving range lights were damaged by Hurricane Iniki. Prior to Hurricane Iniki, the driving range was contracted as part of the Pro Shop concession. A bid for a new Pro Shop concession is in process, which returns the driving range operation and maintenance responsibility to the concessionaire. The successful bidder for the Pro Shop concession will may install new driving range lights, which comply with the Endangered Species Act, required permits, and the County’s approval.

County positions

Da Shadow: In the FY13 budget, how many new positions were created? How many of those have been filled?

County: There were 16 new positions created and so far 10 of those have been filled. Three of the new positions were temporary hires in the County Clerk’s office for the election and are no longer filled. Two of the remaining three vacant new positions are in the process of being filled. The third is proposed to be filled next fiscal year.


Da Shadow: Do our baseyards have eyewash stations for workers?

County: The Auto Maintenance Facility is equipped with eyewash stations accessible to all employees in all production areas. Baseyards used by Roads Division workers do not have eyewash stations, because the work that they do does not require one under OSHA standards. However, these workers do have access to first aid kits and an eye wash kit in their vehicles and the baseyard field office. Baseyards have been instructed to provide a water bib and hose area available and posted signage for employees so they may wash and flush their eyes and body in the event of exposure to hazardous corrosive materials as defined in the MSDA.4.11.2013.

Kauwila Street

Da Shadow: Back in December I reported that a pedestrian sign was down at the crosswalk near the Hawaiian Church, and it was reported that PW would address the issue. There is still no sign. When will this be addressed?

County: Signage off Kuhio Highway into Kauwila Road is the responsibility of Department of Transportation Highways Division.

Kilauea Road

Da Shadow: The county started paving a sidewalk from Kong Lung Center down toward Kolo Road, but it stopped before reaching Kolo Road. Will this sidewalk be completed?

County: Public Works Roads Division will be considering the connection of this sidewalk during its plans for Safe Routes to Schools pedestrian improvements. At this point, a timeline can not be provided for a decision on the extension of the sidewalk.

Malu Road

Da Shadow: Going up the hill on Malu Road there is a very steep drop off on the right hand side that appears to be a safety hazard. I had heard this road may be closed. Is that true? If not, is there some kind of measure that should be taken to insure motorist safety?

County: Roads Division personnel inspected Malu Road and was unable to find the potential hazard area. Please provide photos or a more specific location.

• Jerome Freitas can be reached at theshadow96751@gmail.com or 635-3528. Visit his website at http://theshadow96746.tripod.com.


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