Letters for Thursday, July 1, 2013

Will we lose our jobs?Be careful with hazardous wasteWhat’s the reason?Bill 2491 is very moderate

Will we lose our jobs?

My job in the seed industry is important to supporting myself and my family. It’s also important to countless others in our community. So what happens if the County Council passes Bill 2491 and we all lose our jobs?

Sure some of us can move to the Mainland to find work, but how about others who are just making ends meet and can’t afford to move? Will they and their families inevitably end up joining Kauai’s homeless population?

Without jobs, will they no longer be able to pay taxes, and instead, become an additional burden for Kauai’s taxpayers?

The County Council should stop listening to the loud voices of uninformed activists and take a moment to really consider the long-term impact of their actions.

The U.S. regulatory system already employs rigorous scientific reviews within a transparent decision-making process open to public participation.

This system is already at work to ensure that biotechnology products are farmed in a way that mitigates impacts to producers, consumers and the environment.  

Will Bill 2491 really accomplish something beyond the processes that are already in place to protect our food source and our environment?

Or, will it simply damage our local economy, create unnecessary bureaucracies, put our local government in debt, and disrupt our communities?

I strongly encourage the Council to rethink whether or not they should support Bill 2491 and consider how their actions will impact all of us.

Holly Comisat


Be careful with hazardous waste

With all the emphasis on GMO Ag pesticide usage, it is a great time for TGI to inform residents of the upcoming Household Hazardous Waste collection program that our county has now been able fund twice yearly.

The next dates are Saturday, Aug. 10 in Hanalei and Kapaa and Sunday, Aug. 11 in Lihue and Hanapepe at the transfer stations — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Nothing we can do individually or collectively is as ecologically beneficial as properly managing those hazardous materials we can all purchase and use without training or supervision — according to the label.

And when there is material that is no longer needed or usable for its intended purpose much of it is properly referred to as “Household Hazardous Waste.”

What every concerned citizen needs to recognize is their personal responsibility in this regard. The basic reality is that household hazardous materials — paints, solvents, aerosols, pesticides, fertilizers and especially propane and gasoline — improperly stored, used and disposed of  are an infinitely greater risk to ourselves, our families, and paradise than properly stored, managed, and applied regulated pesticides by conscientious and trained applicators.

Please go to the county website for HHW information: http://www.kauai.gov/default.asp

John Burger


What’s the reason?

I had dealings with Ernie Paison when he was the deputy county clerk and I thought that he did a very good job. Thus, I thought that his appointment as county auditor was a good one. Now, I hear that the administration has cut the auditor’s budget enough to cripple the office and that the county council wants to fire Mr. Paison. If so, the reasons for wanting to get rid of him should be made public. Otherwise, we will be led to believe that it is retribution for what he has uncovered in his audits!

Linda Estes


Bill 2491 is very moderate

I have seen with worry how you have been covering events organized by “local farmers” without covering the Pass the Bill Coalition’s point of view. We are mothers, farmers, doctors, nurses, people who love Kauai wanting to pass Bill 2491 to protect human lives instead of corporate bottom lines.

I read an article that practically paraphrased the misinformation rhetoric promoted by the PR hired by those companies who don’t support our right to know. They have very well paid attorneys and PR representatives. We have people wanting to protect their families and their right to know what is being used and asking to have their children protected from horrible toxins when they go to school.

Bill 2491 is very moderate. It should make us all wonder why are these companies not supporting our rights and why are they so desperate to keep things from coming out in the open. Imagine the amount of money being spent to contact every land line in Kauai to “educate them.” Huff Post had an excellent article on this.

Joanna Wheeler



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