Letters for Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013

A new Kaua‘i to risePo‘ipu Beach restrooms will take too longPlantation ConsciousnessOnce was nice, twice is too priceyThere are enough reasons to hate Congress

A new Kaua‘i to rise

There is nothing more exciting than the adventure of a new beginning.

2013 offers the possibility of true aloha being realized in every neighborhood, in every life. There is a movement in the community of which you are a part, which insists on honoring rights.

It’s called Kaua‘i Rising. Its focus? Not just personal rights, or human rights but those of Nature… especially those of Kaua‘i, our home. And home is where aloha starts.

The Rights of Nature may sound like an unfamiliar concept. But the indigenous people, who recognize and honor their connection with Mother Earth, are very familiar with the principle of caring for that, which gives you life.

When the reefs of Kaua‘i are dying from the pesticides draining off the land, into the rivers and streams, killing the fish and making surfing hazardous, might we not want to take a closer look at the causes?

Kauai’s position on the planet attracts the architects of change to our doorstep. A case in point is Dr. Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned physicist in the area of biotechnology, biodiversity and genetic engineering, whose inspiring fight for changes in the practices of agriculture and food is on-going.  

Dr. Shiva will be here on January 17, to make a presentation at the Kaua‘i Memorial Convention Hall, at 6:30 p.m. The talk is open to the public.

You are invited. In fact, you are encouraged to come. There is something that you can do.

Other nations around the globe are passing protective legislation because they understand that their fates are linked with that of Nature.

Kaua‘i Rising’s draft ordinance is being drawn up for presentation to the Kaua‘i County Government officials to address the issues of toxic pesticides and other related issues on our Island. The Kaua‘i Food Bill of Rights Ordinance is supported by a coalition of organizations dedicated to keeping Kaua‘i healthy and livable.  It needs your support too!

Even if you’re not an “activist”, come to the presentation on January 17, with Dr. Shiva and the other motivating leaders. It feels great to do something for your island. That’s really aloha!

Sandra Herndon


Po‘ipu Beach restrooms will take too long

It is sad that one of best beaches on Kaua‘i doesn’t have permanent restroom facilities. It is sad that the locals and tourists have to use the portable toilets.

When the county was asked how long is it going to take to have our restrooms fixed or repaired, they say it is in the planning stage and will take about 5 to 6 months. The Board of Health should go to this beach and see what kind of portable toilets is being used. Maybe they should shut down this park.  

Also they are in the planning stages of having a skate board park which probably will be done before the restroom facilities in Po‘ipu. The Kaua‘i County should go out and rent the portable toilets that is air-conditioned and always clean. You can imagine what the tourists are saying after using the portable toilets. Come on Kauai officials get the  tail out of your okoles and do something for our locals and tourists. VIP Mobile Restroom Trailers. Vanity with running water, private and spacious and clean, flushing toilets, and air-conditioned.

Donald Travaso


Plantation Consciousness

First we had the pineapple industry decimating our Island’s environment. Then we had sugarcane industry spreading toxins, smoke, and deadly chemicals island wide. Now we have the GMO seed production industry which is using over 13,000 acres of our ‘aina,  poisoning our environment and our people.  

When is this insanity going to end?  

Isn’t the quality of our environment and the good health of our people important?

Abercrombie, Carvalho, and city council members, etc., wake up!

Lama Tashi Dundrup


Once was nice, twice is too pricey

I voted for President Obama twice. I saw nothing “wasteful” about his first inauguration. Quite frankly, I truly believe all minorities and the citizens that voted for him deserved the pomp and ceremony that was the first inauguration.  The U.S., as a whole, people should have come together at that moment in our history.

However, this second inauguration and the degree in monetary “wastefulness” has gone way too far considering the monetary status of our country. When my 17-year-old daughter thinks enough about how our government spends money on frivolity, I know this government waste is being witnessed by many age groups.

 I am normally “long-winded” in my Letters to The Editor, but I get a feeling that most of the U.S. Citizens agree with my 17-year-old daughter. This second inauguration is just simply too, too costly and wasteful.

Timothy Bledsoe

North Augusta, S.C.

There are enough reasons to hate Congress

Letter writer Kelly Sato (“Disgusted with D.C.,” Jan. 15) has fallen for mis-information in a chain e-mail regarding Congressmen “can retire and receive the same pay/benefits after only 1 term in office.” Sato goes on to say that “their staff and their children do not have to pay back their student loans.”

We have more than enough Congressional behavior to hate without adding false Fox News to it.  See http://factcheck.org/2007/12/congressional-pensions/ to see the facts.


Richard Machell



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