Letters for Friday, Dec. 28, 2012

Congested Kaua‘iSenator wishes not fulfilledWhy deny Inouye’s last request?Unanswered questions about the Kilauea GymEnd of year thoughts

Congested Kaua‘i

Imagine an endless line of cars with nowhere to go. Kaua‘i may soon come to this reality. Every year there are thousands of people coming of age to drive, not to mention the many new people who move here every year, translating to even more traffic congestion.

The cosmic island of Kaua‘i is only 33 miles long and 25 miles wide.

The major thoroughfare which nearly runs around the whole island is called a highway, although it looks nothing like a highway, more like a country road with speed limits posted in most areas at only 25 mph.

There are more than one million registered motor vehicles in the state of Hawai‘i, that’s more than one vehicle for every man woman and child.

Every day car dealerships sell more and more vehicles, and car rental agencies frequently sell out of inventory to our visitors. When will it end, where will all these vehicles go, after all we are are only an island?

There is no state in the United States with fewer lane miles than Hawai‘i, with Kaua‘i ranking last place in miles of road among the four major Hawaiian islands.

Electric cars will not solve this dilemma of too little space. Walking, biking, the bus and more roads is a step in the right direction to alleviate bumper to bumper traffic and road rage.

With approximately 235 miles of paved roadways on Kaua‘i, there will soon be no place to drive, just motor vehicles at a standstill from one end of the island to the other.

Please remember to wave at me as I pass you on my bicycle.

James “Kimo” Rosen


Senator wishes not fulfilled

It is a sad day as Gov. Abercrombie did not follow Sen. Inouye’s wishes to replace him with Colleen Hanabusa. For all what the senator did for Hawai‘i was like nothing as the governor did not follow his wishes.

We will all remember the governor next time he runs for governor, also we will follow Senator Inouye’s wishes and vote for Colleen Hanabusa if she chooses to run for senator’s seat.  

This will come up when we have the next elections.  

Good luck to Brian on his position but Colleen can do a better job.

Gilbert Nobrega


Why deny Inouye’s last request?

Before a dead man (inmate) walks to his death, he is offered anything he wants to eat or drink. And most likely he gets it.

However if a a war hero and senator (Dan Inouye), requests a person to carry out and finish the rest of his term, his request gets ignored and/or questioned.

I’m not saying that those who apply can’t do the job. They probably can.

I’m simply saying there is something wrong with this picture of an inmate on death row vs. a hero and senator whose request gets honored.

Is this a case of a war hero being forgotten? Sure hope not!

Howard Tolbe


Unanswered questions about the Kilauea Gym

This was my testimony before the Council on Dec. 19, and since it was deferred to March 20, 2013, I thought that TGI readers might be interested in viewing about the gross incompetence of our county government in “solving” these long ongoing problems with the Kilauea Gym.

“Before you council members receive this item, isn’t it way past time that you get answers to the many good questions that have been asked by you and the public?

Remember that this is an 18-year-old issue that has never been fully addressed.

You have given this administration MORE than enough time to respond to your questions but continue to get non answers.

If our administration heads cannot give answers then why not get our CEO, the mayor, here to address your questions. Remember that he was the head of Parks and Recreation before Lenny Rapozo got the job.

Also, under our Charter section 3.17 it states, ‘The Council or any authorized committee thereof shall have the power to conduct investigations of the operation of any agency or function of the county and any subject upon which the council may legislate.’

It would appear that this problem is a classic example that fits section 3.17 and the council would be wise to take action upon it.

Here are some relative simple questions that were asked at last week’s committee meeting but never answered.

1) Since our Buildings Division has been in charge of this leaky roof problem from its beginning, and since our Parks and Recreation Department has never been involved with it, why has the problem been given to them?

2) Why weren’t any of our good roofing contractors ever contacted about this problem?

3) Why should we pay $120,000+ to a consultant to tell a competent roofing contractor how to install a roof that will not leak?

4) Where has the oversight been to see why we have been making the same mistake for 18 years and getting the same result?

5) Why has no one in authority ever required obtaining a long-term bond guaranteeing both workmanship and materials against leaks?

6) And why wasn’t the leaky door problem solved long ago by our in-house people?

These aren’t questions that need months or years to answer but should be answered immediately.”

Glenn Mickens


End of year thoughts

Here are some parting thoughts in seeing the year 2012 fade away to join the relentless march of time:

1. It boggles my mind to see the rush to own assault weapons by those who feel it is their right to bear arms. To protect oneself is one thing. To have the capability to commit mass murder is another. Is it not possible to retain that right and privilege as intended in the Second Amendment, and yet find ways to monitor the easy access to firepower with such massive capabilities to utterly decimate so many, so quickly?

2. It is appalling to see party politics trump the decision-making processes of governmental systems established to meet the needs of the public. To act so immaturely like children who have tantrums unless they have their own way is inappropriate.

It’s time for us to weigh and consider what can and must be done to bring common sense and decency in the decision-making processes on these matters!

Jose Bulatao Jr.



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