In Your Corner: Gifts of kindness lift our spirit

Scientists have proven that gifts of kindness stimulate the hormones that make us feel better. It’s giving the gift that gives back. There is a movement in our country asking people to do 26 acts of kindness in honor of the 26 people who were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We might ask how our doing something on our island could have an effect so far away, but quantum physicists are proving that we are actually all linked together. Last February I attended a lecture by world-class Kaua‘i resident and quantum physicist Nassim Haramein. His lecture attempted to prove it all mathematically, and I have to say, I followed it for a good while, but soon got lost. Still, I believe the concept. Psychologist Carl Jung also stated that we shared a collective subconscious too.

So let’s assume that doing loving and kind things actually makes the whole world better. What can we do? Here’s a list, and most of them don’t cost anything:

• Pick up trash wherever you see it publicly.

• Compliment someone.

• Help someone carry something that seems awkward or heavy for them.

• Do some cleaning around the house.

• Do some yard work for your family, or for an elderly couple that doesn’t have as strong a back as you do.

• Talk to the shy person at school or work.

• Forgive someone whom you think hurt you. Just let it go, and start being friendly to that person again.

• Buy a gift certificate at a grocery store and give it to someone you think might need it.

• If a clerk in a store is helpful, tell his/her supervisor.

• Pay $5 for the next person’s tab at a fast food place or coffee shop.

• Print positive sayings on post it notes, and leave them all over.

• Write a small letter telling someone how important they are to you.

• Print a note saying that you know there is a wonderful plan for every life, and you are glad that they are alive.

• Donate food to the food bank, or put it by someone’s door whom you think is struggling.

• Give your old toys, phone, or games to someone’s kid brother or sister.

• Donate money to Easter Seals to help fight birth defects in children.

• Pick or buy a bouquet and give it to someone.

• Bake cookies for the kids you ride the bus with in the morning.

• Offer to take a family picture of tourists so that everyone can be in it.

• Have a joke ready to tell, and tell it.

• Praise anyone you see who is kind to another.

• Tell your family members how much you love them; every day.

• Laugh a lot.

• Be there for a friend by listening. Just listening, and only offer suggestions if asked.

• Create hope whenever possible.

• Don’t waste water or electricity. Being kind to mother earth.

• Don’t pollute.

• Recycle, and offer to help a neighbor who wants to recycle, but has a hard time doing it.

• Create an earthworm farm (Google it), and in a few months move them to a place with poor soil, but with lots of organic matter for them to eat.

• Send a card to a friend or relative you haven’t seen in awhile.

• If you hear someone criticize another, counter it with a compliment.

• Give your good condition old clothes and shoes to charities.

• Volunteer in a nursing home. Older people LOVE younger ones. You can play dominoes, or cards, help them play Bingo or listen to their stories. You could bring a few flowers too.

• Keep your promises.

• Pop a $5 bill in an envelope and put a person’s name on it who you think is having a hard time, and put it where they’ll find it.

• Smile at people. It makes you and them feel better.

• Play with a younger child. They love it when kids a little older spend time with them.

• Take your grandma to the movies.

• Take 15-20 minutes a day to give your mind a break, and see if you can still your mind and not think of anything. Just become aware of your breathing. You may want to pray first. It helps settle the mind.

• Always treat others with respect. Anyone can learn to live a respectful life, but they sometimes need to see how to do it.

• Help out in a community garden, and grow food for your family or those in need.

• The next time someone says something you disagree with, just say, “Maybe. Do you want to hear what I think?” You don’t have to argue about who’s right or wrong.

• Give your old magazines to libraries or group home facilities.

• Let someone who has small cranky children go ahead of you in the grocery line.

• If you drive, let someone in traffic

Once you start doing this awhile, it gets easier, and it becomes kind of natural. It will make you feel better, and you just never know how far the circle of kindness will go. People who are treated kindly are more likely to treat others kindly. Go to to see some wonderful acts of kindness.

Another website video you can watch that was man made about people who watch others’ acts of kindness and are inspired to help someone else is at

Also, people from all over the world are writing cards to the grieving families, staff, and friends of the 26 who died at Sandy Hook. They might be moved that people as far away as Kaua‘i would send their aloha to them. The address is: Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickinson Dr., Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Let us trust that God is love, and love succeeds. May you all feel loved this season.


• Hale ‘Opio Kaua‘i convened a support group of adults in our community to ‘step into the corner’ for our teens, to answer questions and give support to youth and their families on a wide variety of issues. Email questions or concerns facing youth and families today to Annaleah Atkinson at


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