Letters for Monday, November 19, 2012

• Mahalo for removing political signs • More support for Myles Emura  • Mayor, please reconsider Act 55 • Allow God to dictate planet’s population • A separation of the sheep and goats

Mahalo for removing political signs

A great big mahalo to all the political candidates, their staff and volunteers and supporters on Kaua‘i for removing the “Vote for me” signs that have lined our roads and streets for too long.  

It’s now a pleasure to drive along and see our normal environment without all the clutter.   

Thanks for doing this so quickly after the elections!

Gail Stevens

Wailua Homesteads


More support for Myles Emura

Myles Emura is an icon at Po‘ipu Beach. His steady performance over the years has saved many lives and helped countless others.

Myles is a true waterman. His stalwart care for oceangoers is well known and Myles has the respect and support of residents and visitors alike.

If the county can hang  a dedicated  employee with years of performance and service “out to dry” for telling the truth, all Kaua‘i citizens are in trouble.

Oh wait a minute, Myles spoke of county bosses using county fuel inappropriately … Kaua‘i Gasgate.

I support Myles and I hope others that support this fine waterman will take a few minutes and write this newspaper with your support.

Ed MacDowell


Mayor, please reconsider Act 55

Aloha Mayor Carvalho,

I would like to share some concerns about Act 55 and the Nov. 9 article in The Garden Island newspaper titled “Carvalho does not support repeal of Act 55.”

Your administrative representative Gary Heu suggested that you would prefer amending Act 55 rather than supporting the repeal resolution advanced by our council.

While the intentions of Act 55 may have been honorable the process has become the epitome of poor government action.

This hastily drafted bill, signed into law by the governor with little input from the community, has been the lightning rod for a political storm that we haven’t experienced since the Superferry debacle.

That episode of poor judgment and questionable government intervention is behind us; now looming on the horizon is the superstorm of Act 55.

We must stand in unity against the potential injustice that an all-O‘ahu commission of appointed representatives could have on our natural resources and state facilities.

To yield our oversight and disregard the local ordinances that help determine the appropriateness of development to the PLDC would be to let Kaua‘i suffer at the hands of fast-tracked commerce when careful and deliberate planning is called for.

We have planning processes and directives in place that should be observed and followed, not to be exempted, circumvented and overruled.  

Another issue pertains to ceded lands, crown lands and lands held in public trust; this is significant and cannot be overlooked. For this reason alone we should stand in solidarity with those advocating for justice and the repeal of Act 55.

We should stand with our council in their unanimous vote to support the repeal motion and work diligently that the land shall not be sold, leased or traded to the highest bidder.

Act 55 forfeits the public’s ability to influence the planning process by yielding home rule and relinquishing local authority over development matters.

Lastly, Act 55 will be challenged in the court of law as unconstitutional. This foreseeable action is the last recourse by community when government turns its back on her people.

Please consider supporting the council’s resolution to repeal the bill and go back to the drawing board.

We have to start over if we want to continue moving forward.

The foundation of this bill has been called into question; it would be unwise to proceed with the building if the foundation is not pono.

James G. Trujillo



Allow God to dictate planet’s population

A recent letter discussed the increasing population in our country and the need for abortion to limit it.

This raises questions about what is the population limit, who determines it and how is it to be dealt with, i.e. enforced.

Another way to look at increasing population is not to ask the question “How many people can the Earth support?” but rather “How many people does God want?”

For me, I can only have a meaningful relation with perhaps a few people or — at most — maybe a few hundred, but certainly not 7 billion! That is far beyond my capability to comprehend. But, such is our God and our Creator.

This country is built on the self-evident truths we hold that “All men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator.” As a people we pledge to be “one nation under God” and our motto is “In God we trust.”

So, either we strive to be God’s people and trust in Him or we don’t. It is our choice, and it is that simple.

One can look at the explosion in technology in recent years and we see things such as the Internet and smartphones, which not too many years ago we could not have even imagined. Certainly in my lifetime, I have witnessed jet travel, space exploration, TV, computers, etc.

So, what new technology is about to be revealed to us? We can only begin to imagine and wonder.

This is a vast universe we live in. It is far bigger than we can imagine and with more stars than we can count.

Who knows how much more technology we will have in the not-too-distant future, and where else in this vast universe we may inhabit someday?

We just don’t know how many people God wants, or where they may all live someday.  

Therefore, let Him decide how many people He wants. We can become one nation under God, no matter how hard that may seem to be at times.

That is what real choice is all about.

John Kirk



A separation of the sheep and goats

While we listen to the Republicans bemoan the loss of their narrow points of view, and their trickle-down theory, we the people breathe a sigh of relief that the “back to Iraq” boys don’t have the wheel.

If the purpose of America is individual liberty and opportunity for all, then the Republican Party will need a fundamental makeover if they wish a future.

This writer equates the 1 percent as “them,” and the rest as “us,” and “us” just voted “them” into history, which somehow brings to mind the ancient phrase, “a separation of the sheep and goats.”

One Oshen

Stinson Beach,  Calif.  


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