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America’s split won’t be repaired anytime soonLandscape of America hasn’t changed since electionDoes the mayor have a choice?Deny developers eight-year extension for permitIn favor of working toward a solution for the PLDCOut of touch politicians needs to come to their sensesWhat will become of the Garden Island?

America’s split won’t be repaired anytime soon

In response to Mr. Rosen’s letter “Disaster brings people together” published Nov. 10. His letter only proves that what he sees as a disaster will never bring people together as he claims. Mr. Rosen says “politics has become a war of Republicans vs. Democrats.”

Why is it Mr. Rosen only mentions a one-sided opinion that he wants to shove down our throats and thinks this will bring the people together?

He says, “when Republicans in Congress make a goal that their No. 1 priority beyond all else is to deny anything President Obama proposes only stifles America.”

It’s a two-way street Mr. Rosen, but I guess you forgot to mention what the Democrats have done to stifle America. The last four years prove the disastrous track record they have achieved and will continue to hand out over the next four years. We all may enjoy the thought of bringing the people together, but I’m afraid that the major split in this country evident by the election results will play the biggest role of why it won’t happen anytime soon.

Steve Martin


Landscape of America hasn’t changed since election

On Thursday, this forum printed a letter with the title “America’s destiny unfolds” by Scott Goold. The column said, defeated were the politics of division, the cancer of cynicism, the ugliness of racism, the brutality of intolerance, and the arrogance of selfishness.

First, the president was elected with a much smaller margin than in 2008. The column went on to say, Latinos are no longer invisible, African Americans are no longer marginalized, gay and lesbians no longer ridiculed. American women have real choices in their life decisions. Women have had those choices since 1973.

One would think by reading this article that the country has just turned out a tyrannical white racist, KKK member in favor of a black man. Of course, we just re-elected the same person that we elected in 2008. I wonder where Mr. Goold was for the last four years.


Mike Lyman


Does the mayor have a choice?

The mayor of Kaua‘i has stated he does not support Repeal of Act 55. It is not clear if he approves of the added workload and diminishing revenues for him and county employees with profit from projects going to the five-member board of the PLDC. The cumulative impacts from increased traffic, parking, waste disposal, infrastructure deterioration, demand on services (hospitals, police) depletion of resources (water), etc. defy an already exceeded carrying capacity for the island.

Will county employees be putting in longer days/have salaries reduced? Some of the additional burden for county employees is described here:

“Plans and specifications” includes construction plans and specifications and any other documents that may be required by the county in the processing of the plans and specifications for the issuance of permits for construction and building of improvements within a project. “Subdivision documents” includes preliminary maps, final maps, subdivision construction plans and specifications, and any other document that may be required by the State or County in the processing of applications and permits relating to the development of the project.

Now, FYI, just to keep it challenging, every single line is crossed out in this section of the PLDC Rules: Does not unduly burden existing water systems, sewage and other waste disposal systems, transportation systems, roadway, drainage, street lighting, open spaces, parks, and other recreational areas, public utilities, and public services, or includes, as part of the proposed project, the development of such systems, facilities, and services at reasonable cost.

Elaine Dunbar


Deny developers eight-year extension for permit

I urge Kauaians to attend and testify at the Planning Commission meeting Tuesday at 8 a.m. regarding a decision that, if granted, will affect our community in a negative way. The developers have asked the commission to renew the Kealia Mauka permits for an additional eight years. If granted, they would not have to comply with any changes in the law passed since 2007 when the permit was initially granted. However, if the extension is denied and the developers reapply for a permit, they’ll have to comply with the new laws.

The Kealia Mauka project measures 2,029 acres. If the permit is extended, subdivision would create a total of 76 lots, which would be further divided into 188 condominium property units, each one with a “farm dwelling” allowed on it. However, if the new ordinance is applied to the project, the number of farm dwellings would be reduced to 115. Also, a 2010 law would require the developers to build 56 affordable homes.

An extension of the permit should be denied for the following reasons:

1. This high grade agricultural land and should be used to feed our island, not serve as the playground for gentlemen farmers that have proposed only to grow tea.

2. Scores of additional vehicles pouring onto Kuhio Highway would create a disaster in an already traffic-stressed Kapa‘a town.

3. It’s essential that the updated laws regarding land density and affordable housing requirements are honored.

Gabriela Taylor

Keapana Valley

In favor of working toward a solution for the PLDC

Aloha Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau!

There has been much discussion in our community recently about Act 55, which created the Public Land Development Corporation. There are many valid concerns about this measure and how it is currently being implemented. Please be assured that I do NOT support Act 55 in its current form. However, I believe that whenever we have a difficult and divisive issue to address we should collaborate to the greatest extent possible to come up with the best resolution. It is my belief that we should first attempt to collaborate and find a compromise solution for the PLDC that meets the needs and addresses the concerns of all involved. We are actively working with our State delegation and others on options to consider in order to reach that goal.

Should those efforts at collaboration fail, then I would consider supporting a repeal of Act 55. As always, I appreciate the concern of our community and our shared love of these islands that drives us to “raise the bar” in all that we do.


Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho Jr.


Out of touch politicians needs to come to their senses

Why did Judge Valenciano give Mayor Carvalho control of our police department? Why did Carvalho come out in favor of Act 55? Why is  Gov. Abercrombie in favor of Act 55? Why did Linda Lingle lose the election? We think it is because these politicians are completely out of touch with 99 percent of our adult population. May they regain their senses soon.

Lama Tashi Dundrup


What will become of the Garden Island?

As a member of the Important Agricultural Lands (IAL) committee for two years, I thought our goal was to preserve important agricultural lands from fast track development. The announcement that the mayor does not support the repeal of Act 55 is a tremendous disappointment. The county actually thinking that they can “fix” this act is like trying to turn a turd into a donut. Potentially, all agricultural lands could be targeted for development, with very little input from the county and Kaua‘i’s people. Auwe! Thanks for nothing! Soon, the Garden Island will be nothing more than a name. Why are you doing this? Money?


Sherwood Conant



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