Letters for Friday, June 22, 2012

• Mahalo for the smiles • Are members liable for KIUC actions? • CO2 and you • Gas prices illustrate capitalism in action • Mahalo, Adam and Mark

Mahalo for the smiles

I would like to say thank you to the person or persons who fly the windsock/kite in Aliomanu.

It makes me smile.


Barbara Leaman, Princeville

Are members liable for KIUC actions?

I have seen reports that the underwriting group Sterling, a leading Lloyd’s of London underwriter, has refused to provide coverage for wireless devices.

They reason that the devices have not been proven safe, and the known potential risk to consumers exposed to wireless technology ranges from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.

These alarms have prompted underwriting groups to shy away from providing coverage to wireless manufacturers. These guys are not dummies, they know what they are talking about.

John Fenn, a spokesperson for the Sterling underwriters, is quoted as saying “People say ‘there is no scientific proof of a problem.’ If you go back to asbestos, it ‘wasn’t a problem’ at one time either.”

This left me wondering if KIUC has liability insurance against future claims.

Are we, as co-op members liable? Do we have protection if there are liability claims against KIUC for damages due to long-term problems?  

Are we going to wake up one morning and discover that KIUC is assessing its members  fees to cover expensive liability claims?  

Will individual board members be personably liable for future damage claims resulting from decisions they are making today? If not, why not?

There is compelling evidence that wireless radiation is very harmful to the human body. Where’s the proof that coop members are protected against uninformed decisions that the KIUC Board of Directors makes?

Gy Hall, Kilauea

CO2 and you

CO2 in the atmosphere 50 years ago was measured at approximately 330 parts per million — Mauna Kea data (the equivalent of 33/1,000s of 1 percent of the atmosphere). In 50 years this has increased to what we are being told is today’s emergency. And what has been the extent of this disaster — this so called major anthropogenic intrusion into global harmony?  

Well, in the last 50 years the CO2 level in relation to the atmosphere has increased by 6/1,000s of 1 percent. That’s right, 50 years for this minuscule increase.

 A while back, 460 million years ago, atmospheric CO2 was 11 times higher than today, approximately 4400 ppm. And you know what, temperatures were about the same as they are today. (www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/last_400k_yrs.html.)

Now we are told to drive dinky unsafe cars, set our thermostats to discomfort, and make other unpleasant lifestyle transformations because of the so-called CO2 emergency.

Perhaps it is understandable that some are weary of being hectored by the CO2 lobby — consisting of privileged elites and the tax-supported tenured. And these privileged: they slurp up government grants and encourage legislation that has the effect of validating their concerns and padding their comfortable lifestyles.

And who pays for this? You do, dear reader, and you will continue to do so as long as the government and the CO2 lobby scratches each other’s backs with your very available tax dollars.

Russell Boyer, Hanalei

Gas prices illustrate capitalism in action

In the letter “Is big money going to control us?” of June 19, we are informed that the oil companies are gouging us by charging far too much for gasoline compared to the Mainland. We are told that Costco has regular gasoline that is almost a dollar per gallon cheaper than Shell, Chevron and Union.

Is this not capitalism at work? Are these companies not charging what the market here can apparently bear? I don’t see very many of the “95 percent of Kauaians who drive vehicles” giving up their vehicles or transitioning to more fuel-efficient alternatives. By the author’s own admission, they appear to have at least one alternative — Costco, which has apparently come in as the gleaming knight on the white stallion to save us all from the oppression of “big business.”

So Costco should be making money hand over fist with all the new business they are receiving, while the evil Shell, Chevron and Union should be withering on the vine. No?

If there is a scam going on here, the people of Hawai‘i are perpetrating it upon themselves. At the very least, they are willing participants in the ruse. I see no reason for any  government entity to waste their time with this — they’d only get beat up for trying.

If you think Shell, Chevron and Union are charging too much for gas, buy from your savior, Costco. You already have a choice. Be an adult, and use it.

Michael Mann, Lihu‘e

Mahalo, Adam and Mark

Oh boy. KIUC is out of control. After Adam Asquith filed the injunction, he has been able to opt out of smart meter installation but we the members of KIUC co-op … would have to file a separate complaint.

Mahalo, Adam, for all your work and the costs you incurred.

Of course you can fill out and mail the deferral form from KIUC. That will stop them for awhile but it is a play on words from KIUC. This is very, very dirty electricity.

I also noticed  that as of lately KIUC  has a lot of advertising in The Garden Island paper, of course to direct you to their website, but where was all this before KIUC  spent $11 million of our co-op dollars?

Mahalo, Mark Naea, for filing a complaint with PUC and all your effort to protect Kaua‘i.

The effect to the island can be very damaging if these meters continue to be installed. Why do you think so many counties and states have banned the smart meter? Now other countries have filed suit.

So after all the responses KIUC has heard, our voice is still not being heard.

Meanwhile look out for the meter man. We never voted in the new CEO. When can the members decide who runs KIUC?

Donna Perlman, Kapa‘a Homesteads


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