Letters for Thursday, June 14, 2012

Smart meters and income • Dumb pitch for smart meters • D-Day letter a needless attack

Smart meters and income

The following was sent to me May 21, 2012, from Pat Gegen, who is a board member of KIUC.

“Mr. Schaefer — we are NOT forcing you and/or your neighbors to have an advanced meter installed on your home. There is no violent act being committed. Numerous studies also indicate that the further a person is away from a source of EMF the lower the exposure — that makes sense. Just like being further away from someone who is smoking decreases the severity of second hand smoke to use your analogy.”

Just some thoughts concerning smart meters, which do emit a class 2B carcinogen, distance being a factor, as a KIUC Board member has stated.

Low-income people live closer to smart meters.  They live in denser populated neighborhoods and smaller living spaces on smaller pieces of property. This means they have a higher chance of developing cancer than the higher-income people.

High-income people live further away from smart meters. They live in more spacious neighborhoods and larger living spaces on larger pieces of property. This means they have less of a chance of developing cancer than the lower-income people.

High-income people not only have the advantage of living further away from smart meters. They are also able to afford expensive shielding materials to protect them inside and outside of their homes from smart meter transmissions.

Because of these advantages, the high-income people, such as the KIUC board members and their children, will live for a longer time.

Because of being low-income people, the low-income people and their children will live for a shorter time.

Smart meters are discriminatory against those of us who are low-income.

Christopher Schaefer, Kapa‘a

Dumb pitch for smart meters

 In response to the corporate smart grid sales pitch of Ivory McClintock, let’s begin with the idea that smart meters will save electricity.

Smart meters require electricity to function, while analog meters don’t. Smart meters use up power. They are wasteful. The only way to not use fossil fuels is to find another source of power. Solar, hydro or “renewables” can replace fossil fuels, not new ways to transmit information. On June 12, 2012 an Oklahoma TV station KJRH reported that they crunched the numbers and there were no savings. This was a “Consumer Alert” report. So much for happy smart meter users in Oklahoma.

 The bills always go up with smart meters. This is because the utility charges more money when you have to use it, like when you come home from work. KIUC wants to punish you for using power when you need to. A simple timer on water heater would accomplish conservation without all the risks.

 The risks include breaches in security, privacy, health, fire hazards, and higher bills, which have been seen everywhere and created lawsuits.

 New layers of wireless frequencies will cause more cancer, according to the World Health Organization, just like lead in paint or lead in gasoline.

 What rug is this fact swept under? Hello?

 When we are sold a perfect apple, look for worms or look for poison.

 When we are given both sides to consider, then we can make an informed choice.

 Shame on those who strive to keep us dumb.

Ray Songtree, Hanalei

D-Day letter a needless attack

In a letter on June 8, the following was written in regards to D-Day observance:

“There was absolutely no newscast mention of it, and our president ignored the anniversary completely because he was doing something more important, namely attending a fundraiser in California.”

This is yet another completely pointless and unnecessary attack on the president, this time masquerading as a call for honoring veterans. If it isn’t his place of birth, it’s his “madrasa” education, or his brazen attempts to turn the United States into a goose-stepping socialist state, or his unmitigated gall at playing around with the vice president and some kids around a swimming pool with water guns.

Now, he doesn’t respect D-Day soldiers.

From what I understand, Mitt Romney didn’t partake in any special D-Day remembrance either, yet the author of the letter did not see fit to include him in their scorn.

Did anyone reading this newspaper observe D-Day? Mr. Mayor? County council? Our esteemed island church leaders? Did the author of that letter who is so incredibly disappointed with the president participate in some activity to honor the D-Day fallen? If so, did you do enough? How would you know that you had done enough?

Was D-Day secretly made a national holiday? I’ve never had a single employer make a note of it. Ever. Maybe they’re all communist agents.

What on earth was Memorial Day about if it didn’t honor the fallen of all wars? What is Veterans Day about if it doesn’t honor those war veterans who came back home alive?

Good grief!

Michael Mann, Lihu‘e


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