Letters for Monday, April 9, 2012

• Smart meter talk ‘gibberish’ • Political ‘hogwash’ • Obama and hype

Smart meter talk ‘gibberish’

I am so sick and tired of all this smart meter talk. It is all gibberish.

We are exposed to low-level radiation every day from several sources, but the smart meter is the one that will kill us, right?

Or our evil uncle Sam will be monitoring every move we make. Give me a break, all this activism is so tiring.

Contrary to what this outspoken minority would have you believe, we don’t live in a world where the evil man is conspiring to give you cancer or spy on your every move. Life alone kills. Maybe we should be protesting life.

Then, these same people want to get rid of Pioneer and all the evil corn farmers, but they want Kaua‘i to be an agriculture-based society. Come on.  

Believe it or not, the big corporate farmers have better, safer protocols than the small farmer next door. You can’t have it both ways.

 If these activists manage to chase away the evil farmers, the only way for these large landowners to make money will be to develop the land, and we can all say aloha to our agricultural lands.

Do you want solar energy to take off? If so, we need to accept the newer technology or go completely off grid. Then there would be no need for meters.

If you want an ag-based culture, than we’ve got to accept the agricultural practices, and if your tree unexpectedly dies, it was probably your neighbor who didn’t like you, not the evil Man.

Michael Diamant, Kalaheo

Political ‘hogwash’

It seems that not a day goes by that we don’t hear about left versus right, Democrats versus Republicans, conservatives and liberals.

What is this hogwash all about? I see corruption on both sides. Democrats and Republicans both have had their share of corrupt legislators, perverted encounters in public restrooms, selling out to the corporations, and the list goes on.

Meanwhile the country is going down the tubes.

The right says its the left’s fault.

The left says it’s the right’s fault.

Meanwhile the country goes down the tubes.

All this left versus right stuff keeps the people fighting among themselves while the country is taken down the tubes by the people we elect. The whole thing is a sideshow.

Both parties are equally responsible for the state of the country.

And until the people we elect actually keep their promises and work for the people, it will continue to be more of the same.

Common Sense Thought #1: The country is in its current state because the people who have the power to change it want it this way. Hello?  

How can they keep campaigning for change but never deliver it? So they have something to fix, something to campaign for next time.

They need problems to fix for you. If they don’t have one, they make one. Politics 101, man.

But at least each side can blame it on the other side and we can occupy ourselves with a childish us vs. them attitude while we wait for “American Idol” to come on.

The left is not the answer, nor is the right.

The diehard default to vote for the party is an absurd and antiquated thought process.

The people are the answer. There is a lot to be said for common sense, too. Although it seems to be a foreign concept to politicians.

So remember, vote for me for Congress because I wanna be a millionaire, too. And corporate contributions are a sure ticket.


Robert Reynolds, Lihu‘e

Obama and hype

In his letter to the editor (Letters: April 2) Alan Faye of Hanalei makes note of the recently published editorial by Diana West (Forum: March 26) supposedly revealing new controversy concerning the legality of President Obama’s birth certificate.

He quotes an article from the Washington Times stating that the president, through the recently released executive order, “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” has given himself the powers to declare martial law, particularly in the event of a war with Iran, and that is a “sweeping power grab that should worry every American.”

Even a cursory search of websites such as “Snopes.com” presents a completely different story.

Per Snopes, the claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery is false “and is simply a rehash of issues thoroughly debunked in detail previously.”

Also, per Snopes, the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” executive order (EO 12919) is nothing more than a restatement of policies that have been in place for decades and grants no authority to the president or the Cabinet that they don’t already have under existing law.

The original executive order dealing with National Defense Resources Preparedness (EO 8248) was issued by President Truman in 1939, and since 1951 has been renewed numerous times by nearly every president, including George W. Bush.

It is right to debate these issues, but let’s start from a basis of fact, not overblown hype.

William Peterson, Kapa‘a


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