Letters for Saturday, April 7, 2012

The cost of Pioneer • Next year at Taco Bell! • Light da BBQ • No smart meter opt-out

The cost of Pioneer

Pioneer Hi-Bred does a nice job of telling us how much they bring to our islands, yet who is really addressing what these practices will cost us in the long term?

There is always a cost for being exposed to chemicals spread by GMO companies such as Pioneer.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology, even low doses of both the Bt biopesticide, and the glyphosate-based herbicide Round Up kill human kidney cells.

I would like to know what kind of “sound regulatory system that is well in place” allows for routine pesticide spraying that contaminates soil, water ways, air, bees and people?

We will be paying dearly with our health, the health of our land and our children if we do not strive to move away from chemical agriculture as soon as possible.

Jill Richardson, Kapa‘a

Next year at Taco Bell!

Everyday of the year is someone’s birthday, and with all the religious and secular holidays, it gets hard deciding which ones to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, since it is an American holiday and not a Christian or Jewish holiday.

The rules of holidays are what I question.

For the Jewish holiday of Passover, Jews (my people) are not suppose to eat leaven (bread or anything with yeast for eight days.) This tradition started with the Jews escape from Egyptian bondage and slavery. While on the run they had limited time, only time to make a quick flat bread, that didn’t have time to rise, therefore we eat matzo as a remembrance of hard times. Matzo is a bland cracker with very little taste consumed during the eight-day long holiday of Passover.

We celebrate Passover with humbleness by abstaining from bread, however, we prepare huge holiday meals of a roasted brisket with pan fried potatoes, matzo ball soup with chicken, elaborate salads and special cookies made from matzo meal instead of flour. I don’t believe the Jews had time to make those items either if they didn’t even have the time to bake bread.

The other irony is when you mix flour and water in a warm environment it creates sourdough, which is a sour yeast. I therefore believe that the matzo cracker would had risen in many cases.

The Jewish people eat matzo and have elaborate gourmet meals to remember the days of slavery.

Why not just enjoy a nice spontaneous meal on the move, as most probably did during the exodus?

How about going through the drive through at Taco Bell, after all tortilla’s are unleavened. This would sure make one humble and an appropriate way to remember hard times.

The last words at every Passover Seder are “Next year in Jerusalem,” so…

Next year at Taco Bell!

Happy Passover, Happy Easters and Happy April Showers!

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapa‘a

Light da BBQ

People are still burning rubbish in their yards and it has been banned.

Please notify the public that this practice is now illegal.

We continue to be subjected to “smoke-outs” on a daily basis.

Light da BBQ, but haul (or compost) your darn green waste!

Valerie Freitas, Kalaheo

No smart meter opt-out

I called KIUC today to get current info on smart meters. I asked if we have an opt-out and the answer was no.

I was told that we should receive letters in mail a few weeks in advance from KIUC. It should state that we want installation deferred.

I still feel we have been told so many different stories. Who knows what the truth is? All I know is time is running out for any of us who do not want the meters.

I did not receive my latest voting ballot in mail, and I had to call and wait so I could still vote before deadline. Somehow they get my bills to me but I was dropped off the voting list!

I hope I am not dropped off the mailing list too. Why do we have to wait for a letter?

I asked if they would honor if I put something up on the meter to state I do not want a new meter and they said no. Only if it comes from KIUC will they even acknowledge your request.

Once again it is not a co-op. Our messages mean nothing to the people making these decisions for us. What is the difference between opt out and deferred installation?

I say it is another way of not telling the truth. I hope some of the people we just voted in stand up for the rights of the people. With the $11 million spent on something we do not need.

When I read some people do not understand the dangers of this meter by stating we have so much electronics and asking what is the difference, I ask you to please go online and do research. It is not pretty.

Donna Perlman, Kapa‘a


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