TV’s ‘LOST’ creator loses muse for ‘Super 8’

I respect all filmmakers, especially the talent like Steven Spielberg (“Jaws”) and J.J. Abrams (creator of “Lost”). I acknowledge it takes hundreds of people, hours, days and even years to make a movie. Yes, that little two-hour experience may have been sitting on a desk as a script for 25 years.

 As an audience member, I’m tired of big directors who have all the budget they want, all the production gear they want, access to top notch talent, writers and cameramen, yet still do nothing but pump out self-indulgent, pointless movies like “Super 8”. Spielberg is one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema; how did he produce this film that is worse than any film school thesis film I’ve seen.

J.J. Abrams is a terrific director (Mission Impossible 3) and I’d venture to say he produced a television show that will never be more creative, “Lost.” So how is it they managed to create a B-movie that gives B-movies a bad name? Abrams has the time and the the most powerful, influential filmmaker as a producer. What were they thinking during editing?

The worst of episode of “Lost” was 10 times better then this Sci-fi (no thrills) thriller with the worst ending I’ve ever seen in a movie (I can’t waste life explaining it — talk about being lazy filmmakers). The plot is nothing more than Spielberg re-telling what he and his friends did in the desert of Arizona as young boys. They spent their time making Super-8 sci-fi /war movies with no story. However, now Spielberg knows how to tell a story and decided to leave that part out of the equation.

This film is a disappointment because of the growing trend in Hollywood of directors just wasting our time and box office dollar. At least Spielberg is producing great films (mainly because of the directors) like “True Grit” (Coen brothers) and a few of Clint Eastwood’s recent films. The craziest thing about film right now is that Jon Favreau is actually telling good stories (“Iron Man”, “Iron Man 2”) while being self-indulgent. I never thought I’d praise Favreau more then Spielberg. Jon Favreau has nothing great about his career but the “Iron Man” movies; it’s still an un-explained fluke how Favreau scored the I.M. series.

I ask that Hollywood’s masters give us something. Once again, like Transformers 3: I would’ve walked out, but owed the people a review. Even if you LOVE Sci-fi, you will not like this. I know Spielberg is one of the greatest cinematic minds ever. I have no clue why he made this film. Please find something to see at Kukui Grove so our local cinema gets support. It’s not their fault Hollywood is taking advantage of us.


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