Letters for Monday, August 25, 2008

• Price of freedom

• Waipi‘o world champs

• The spirit of aloha

• Go elsewhere, Superferry

• Let the Superferry come

Price of freedom

In response to the Real Property Tax Reform bill: I reviewed the tax reform bill and was disappointed that in the exemptions section, it did not include a section for Veterans. There should be a section for veterans, active military, and National Guard personnel. This tax relief would help in improving the quality of life for those who are serving and have served. I am pleading with the administration and County Council to show compassion and to amend this tax reform bill to include a section for Veterans. This is a small price for freedom. I believe in a Veteran helping Veterans. Also, it will serve as an incentive for men and women to join the all voluntary military services, including the National Guard. Mahalo to all who are serving and those who have served.

Edward Kawamura


Waipi‘o world champs

This letter is for Cokie Roberts. The Little League baseball team from Waipi‘o, which is in the “foreign and exotic” state of Hawai‘i, beat the team from your home state of Louisiana to win the United States Little League Championship. The next day, Waipi‘o won the Little League World Championship.

We urge you to forsake Myrtle Beach and vacation in Hawai‘i where you are invited to attend the parade honoring the Waipi‘o world champions.

Linda Estes


The spirit of aloha

I wish to make public my deep gratitude to the Hawaiian people who have preserved from ancient times and carried forward through challenging times, the great spirit of aloha — the spirit of love — greatest of all cultural gifts and honored throughout the world.

The spirit of aloha is the supreme human relationship with all life forms and a basic building block for heaven on earth.

Mahalo from this grateful haole to the Hawaiian keepers of the spirit of aloha for maintaining this pinnacle of human power, purpose and performance.

May it manifest peace and goodwill throughout the world.

Triaka-Don Smith


Go elsewhere, Superferry

The return of the Superferry to our beloved island would only amount to a Pandora’s Box of permanent change, another vehicle of the demise of our wonderful way of life.

With 30 years on Kaua‘i many residents can testify that I am one who always sees the glass as half full. Faith and hope are at the foundation of our family life.

I am not involved in any movement concerning this vital issue. I am just utilizing common sense. It dose not take a genius to see that by opening the door to the perils of a much more rapid and complicated culture of a major urbanized city and all that goes with it including vice.

Even a person in a coma can see that our fragile and limited infrastructure can’t even handle our local needs. No amount of economical surplus from those arriving is really nonexistent. O‘ahu is suffering more than we are. Please remember and I write this as one who grew up in a violent urbanized area, East Los Angeles, the peace, harmony and above all safe environment for our children are priceless and once lost can never be retrieved.

Those of us who have been here awhile can testify to that. Common sense tells me my life and the life of my three sons will be better, safer and happier without the misleading and false promises of the money counters who sing the praises of inviting the Superferry back.

Just like a new toy it might be fun to ride on it but its novelty will be brief but the seed of cultural chaos would have already been permanently planted.

If it is a better and cheaper way to travel between islands and that is also true for the vice and ill-intent of a major U.S. city. In reality the Superferry and her masters are simply pimping the beauty and tranquility of a very vulnerable Eden like no where else in the world.

Are we willing to bet it all on the twisted words of the money changers? I truly wish success and fortune for the barons of the Superferry as we all should. But as a joined ‘Ghana we must make it clear that such a success must come without our participation.

Go to Maui. Go to Kona. Go anywhere but our beloved Kaua‘i.

Eduardo Valenciana


Let the Superferry come

In response to the Sunday article, “Super ferry officials talk of possible return,” a Web poll by TGI shows that 39 percent of votes were cast in favor of the Superferry’s presumably immediate return to Kaua‘i; 11 percent more support a return while the EIS is conducted; 17 percent endorse a return only after an EIS is conducted; and 5 percent recommend further outreach to the people of Kaua‘i by Superferry officials.

It is crystal clear that the majority of Kauaians want the return of the ferry immediately. Mr. Francisco, Kaua‘i Chamber of Commerce, stated, “We are trying to see what we can do to make the return safer, and practical and fair.” How fair is it when one man (Mr. Hoeppner) and 1000 Friends has the control of stopping the ferry?

The safest way for the return of the ferry is to have it escorted into the harbor and keep anyone away (even if they have to be plucked out of the way).

Those protesters on the land keep them very far away from the entry/exit way. Also, the ones in the water should be arrested and cited with terrorists threatening and attempt suicide on their life.

Also, have them go through psychological evaluation on their own expanse. Make the charge stick so that everyone who protest the ferry will know not to interfere ever again.

On another note, TGI letter on Saturday “Let’s do it right ferry riders.” The mongoose will not hop the ferry. It is the responsibility of the riders to do a thorough inspection of their property and to guarantee there is no mongoose or any invasive species before the property enters the ferry.

And even on another note, TGI Sunday letter, “Ferry versus flying,” yes it’s true that the price is less to fly only during the early and morning flights and it’s on the first come first served basis.

However, you forgot to add the charges on your first, second, etc., baggage. The ferry you don’t have any charges and you can pack your vehicle with your shopping goodies without charges added.

Let the Superferry come with a safe passage here on Kaua‘i.

Howard Tolbe



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