Letters for Sunday, August 3, 2008

• Kaua‘i’s clean water

• Election officer, for shame

• America back on top

Kaua‘i’s clean water

Having read Kimo Rosen’s letter (“Kaua‘i’s dirty water,” Letters, July 31) concerning the snorkeling and keiki ponds at Lydgate Park, I have to respond in their defense. First of all, don’t you think the water in and around the ponds was tested at the same time as Hanama‘ulu’s? If the water had been found to be polluted, I’m sure that would have been mentioned in the same article you refer to. As a matter of fact, the water at Lydgate is tested every week. That makes me feel quite secure that the water is clean and safe to enjoy.

I snorkel in the Lydgate pond almost every day and stay in for over an hour each time. Every time I come out of the pond feeling refreshed in mind and body. You, I believe, suffer from motion sickness, and that’s why you begin to feel sick after 10 minutes or so. A recent visitor of ours had the same problem wherever we snorkeled.

Yes, there is a sewage treatment plant near the beach, but the treated water is piped over to Wailua Golf Course to be used for irrigation purposes. Nothing is seeping into the snorkeling and keiki ponds. The ecosystem in the pond is thriving with many tiny new fish hatching out this spring and summer.

As for your sore throat, perhaps your doctor can find the real cause of it. My throat is just fine, thanks.

I’m a 63-year-old woman who is very grateful to have a safe place to snorkel alone. Please check your facts before besmirching Kaua‘i’s safest swimming spot for residents and visitors alike. Finally I’d like to invite you to come on in, the water’s fine — but first maybe you should take some Dramamine.

Chris Queen


Election officer, for shame

I am appalled by state Chief Elections Officer Kevin Cronin’s utter disregard for the law and his job as a public servant.

First, he only registered to vote after serving a full six months in a job that by law required he be a registered voter in Hawai‘i. He said he was too busy.

Second, he allowed the Democratic Party to appoint a replacement for Kirk Caldwell’s candidacy for state Representative when the lawful deadline to do so had passed. He said it was a minor technicality.

Third, he has gone ahead with the printing of election ballots without allowing the Democratic or Republican parties their right by law to review them for inaccuracies. He said it wasn’t one of his high priorities.

How can we trust someone who refuses to even follow these basic laws to run our elections? He should be fired, along with his attorney who apparently condones breaking the law.

Kyle Karioka


America back on top

Why are we more concerned whether there is water or ice on the planet Mars? With all the UFO sightings we should already know that there must be life elsewhere other than our planet Earth. Maybe the life we don’t know of knows that we are not ready to accept them.

Instead, we should concentrate on how to fix our economy in America. We should start collecting money owed to us from other countries and use it to help the poor and needy here in America. Also, use some of the money to take care of our war veterans and build our social security so that our elders and future generations will know that they all will be well taken care of. Use some of the money to help our farmers here in America. No GMO needed though.

Let’s get America back on top. Quit being the laughing stock among all nations.

Howard Tolbe



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