Letters for Monday, July 14, 2008

• Government should tighten its belt

• Right people, right system

Government should tighten its belt

It is amazing but sad that in these troubled economic times our illustrious leaders market a tax hike as “simplification.”

What’s best for the most is for the government to tighten its belt and spend less as the citizens who pay its bills are having to do.

In this time of high energy, housing and food costs, this is no time to be eliminating the caps on residential property taxes.

A “fair” system of taxation would be, in my view, to eliminate all property tax, income tax and G.E. tax and go to a sales tax and usage fee system. If the premise is those that use more should pay more, why not just charge them directly?

I will not vote for any council or mayoral candidate who votes to eliminate these provisions which were clearly the will of the voters. I urge those of you who vote to do the same.

Michael Wells


Congratulations to The Garden Island for the outstanding Forum page in their Saturday newspaper.

Led by the excellent Walter Lewis article, “Voice of the people not being heard” to the fine letters from Horace Stoessel, Ed Coll and John Hoff they all had a basic underlying theme — our government that is supposed to be representing us, the people, is going more and more behind closed doors to do the decision-making that should be done in the open with public participation.

Please, citizens of Kaua‘i, take some time from your “survival” schedule to weigh in on what our government is trying to do with our tax system (remove the protective 2 percent tax cap on owner-occupied homes), taking away the Sunshine Law protections of charter sections 3.07E and 20.02D, and keeping the people from voting on a county manager-council type system that has the ability to correct so many things that desperately need changing.

Is our government working the way you want it to? Simply ask yourself if any of the problems that were there 30 years ago are any better today than they were then?

This is yours island — make sure that the right people and the right system are in place to represent you.

Glenn Mickens



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