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Letters for Sunday, May 25, 2008

• My beautiful Kaua‘i

• We all have naughty bits

• Future so bright

• Rap or bigotry … which cancer is worse?

My beautiful Kaua‘i

I’m writing about what is happening to our ‘aina and the people of Kaua‘i.

I was born and raised here on Kaua‘i, and I’ve seen the changes that have overtaken the people here. Is everyone just thinking about where their next dollar is coming from?

Let’s all get rich fast and then get out and let the people who live here take care of it. We have a lot of new people here. Some who don’t even know the ‘aina or even the people who live here. There are developments going on, but I don’t think it’s for the people who live here, because we can’t afford it. So who’s making all the money?

Traffic … big joke. What’s up with that? We have roads that go all over this island from Mana to Hanalei. All you people who are in office were somewhat raised on this island and know about this road. Why not use your knowledge and use what we have instead of making your wallet look good.

Our island is getting more people and more cars, and more killing, stealing and fights, because the real locals are just not it. Everybody is just looking out for No. 1.

Anyone can write and let me know how you feel about what I just wrote. But remember one thing: I was born here and I have seen what progress has done to my island and that people from other places have come and destroyed our island.

Is this what they call progress? Our people are living on the beach because they can’t afford the rent or pay for their houses. So who has that beautiful house on the hill that overlooks the ocean? It sure isn’t the people of the ‘aina. Where are the people from the ‘aina? Living where they always lived, on the beach, and even then it gets taken away and where are we … in a tent in somebody’s yard because we can’t afford a house.

I want to live next to the beach, where I can walk right out my front door and onto the beach and watch the sun come up and the sun go down. Wouldn’t you like to tell the grand-babies, Kaua‘i is beautiful and it’s yours to enjoy?

I don’t think so … not anymore.

Gloria Kaleiohi


We all have naughty bits

I was surprised to learn I could not take my “Dixie” for a walk along the pathway because some may not tidy up after their dog leaves some naughty bits behind. Such fastidiousness.

Where is the aloha in that?

As a person who is “doin’ it wrong” practically all of my life, I hesitate to make a suggestion. May I say that if Dixie and I are permitted to walk along the pathway, I will pick up not only Dixie’s, but any other naughty bits that we come across. Also, as I head into the “old bag” time of life, remember that some of us will lose control our own elimination routes. Maybe we should all be checked for continence before we set out.

If you want to get all agitado over something, get agitado over the very hard times many folks on the island are enduring right now. Get agitado over the moms and dads who are abusing their children. Get agitado over Peter Boy, who is still missing alter all these years, not over some dog droppings that will eventually get washed away with the rain.

If Dixie and I get to walk the pathway, say aloha to us. I’ll be the one wearing the T-shirt my daughter gave me which reads, “Would someone please give him a Monica so we can impeach him.”

Get agitado over President Bush.

Sherry French


Future so bright

A big “mahalo nui loa” to the lone female senior cleaning up Sunday morning after Saturday night’s senior bash at Rock Quarry Beach.

After having to clean up all of the trash, beer and hard liquor bottles from the last two teen beach parties at Rock Quarry, the amount of beer and liquor bottles scattered along the road as we approached the parking area had us prepared for the worst.

Were we pleasantly surprised to see her bagging the trash, although it was obvious that she wasn’t having fun picking up the evidence of the previous night’s revelry while her friends were sleeping off their hangovers. So we wish to thank her for being the responsible adult amongst her childish peers.

We were going to offer to carry out the trash in our truck after our walk, but did not find her, nor the trash, upon our return to the parking area. She may have actually had some help? Good luck to you as you graduate from high school to the school of life. Your level of responsibility will surely be a welcome asset to those who employ, work with or for you.

Robert Wolaver and Michelle Carroll


Rap or bigotry … which cancer is worse?

I am writing in response to the letter comparing hip-hop music to a malignant cancer (“Hip hop rap, a malignant cancer,” Letters, May 22).

I am shocked to read such open bigotry coming from any member of our community. Having black ancestors does not absolve the author of the thinly veiled racism in the letter.

Kaua‘i is a place of tolerance and peace. We have no room for such blind prejudice here. No form of music is evil. As we all know, Elvis Presley turned out not to be the devil. If you don’t like a certain type of entertainment, don’t go see it, don’t pay for it.

Moving here to get away from a certain type of people or music will never solve anyone’s problems, because you can’t move away from yourself. This is an artistic and creative island.

We live here on Kaua‘i accepting each other, enjoying our diversity, open-minded to new and different things. This is really no place for narrow-minded people who would like to choose for everyone else what must be best for them.

I feel that for any cancer survivor or family member, the comparison of rap music to cancer is a callous slap in the face to their struggles, survival and loss.

I was taught to pity those who were prejudiced, that they knew no better. I hope the aloha of our island eventually sinks in and teaches us all a little more tolerance and peace.

Samantha Geimer



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