Letters for Wednesday, June 20, 2007

• Our hoodlum culture

• Regarding Hina Mauka

• Mahalo, Order of Kamehameha

• Homeless housing

• Musical evening

• Know your oil

Our hoodlum culture

Regarding the letter “Frightful night out,” by Tee Miranda, Lawa‘i. It’s very sad that people can’t just go and enjoy a night out without grown men acting like complete idiots and starting fights. I truly think there is a direct correlation between the hostility we are experiencing on the islands to “Ultimate Fighting.” I can’t believe we actually promote this garbage. What do we expect, when we see two men bashing each other bloody for fame and money? Our kids see it and think it’s “cool” and then go out and act out what they see on TV. If it was on Pay-per-view or HBO, that’s one thing, but to allow it to be on regular TV, where just anyone can watch it is just insane. Ultimate fighting is a complete contradiction to the spirit of “aloha” and I think it should be banned because it is creating a society of hoodlums.

Betsy Rivers


Regarding Hina Mauka

I want to share my experiences, strength and hope with the community of Kaua‘i and express my feelings about how grateful I am as a resident of this beautiful island and for the extent of help, awareness and direction I have been fortunate to receive from the Hina Mauka Program. Hina Mauka’s professional staff has made an extreme difference in my progress as a now clean-and-sober member of society. I have made many attempts on my own, only to fail time and time again on being able to make things right in my life. They have been instrumental in giving me the opportunity to feel and express myself in ways, on my own, that would have never happened.

The staff at Hina Mauka demonstrated to me a caring, honest attempt at sharing their profound knowledge of the problems some of us are blind to in everyday life, how to cope, learn and understand that our lives, in whatever dysfunctional way, have become unmanageable and that we can change the direction from death and destruction to a better life for ourselves and our loved ones, not to mention this paradise that we are so fortunate to live in. We as God’s children need to realize that along with being watched over, we have gifts just waiting to be asked for, right here, that could make the difference in our lives.

My choice at asking for help from Hina Mauka has really and truly given me another chance to be who I really am without living in fear and misery. I can now pay it forward and try to reach others who have no control over the way their lives are going. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish through faith, the desire and willingness to live a healthy fulfilling life. I have received so much from this program and will stop at nothing less than success.

Hina Mauka is a program of extreme confidentiality and holds your life as a precious step to a wonderful freedom.

Helen Mattingly

Mahalo, Order of Kamehameha

As a member of the PK’s family I would like to thank the Order of Kamehameha for the use of their beautiful park over the last few months. They were gracious and generous enough to let us use Prince Kuhio Park for the celebration of life for our departed brothers Dale Botelho and Kenny Doudt. Please believe me when I say it is such an honor and a privilege for the Order to let us use such a spiritual, historical and culturally significant place of Kaua‘i’s ‘aina.

Dale and Kenny loved the park as we all do and we have nothing but respect for the park. You guys are so wonderful for giving our departed brothers a place for their last hurrah. If there is ever a project where the Order may need extra help please let the PK’s family know so we can organize a work crew to help you guys out.

I would also like to thank Alisha Chalmers, Tom Powell, and Keith Hacker for helping me police the grounds the morning after Kenny’s celebration.

Gary Bates


Homeless housing

This is in regard to our homeless on Kaua‘i.

Seems like our homeless have been making news in The Garden Island. James Sodek, Orlan Tesch, David Aguiar … probably spending lots of time in KCCC. Imagine free room, free air conditioned facility, free hot showers, free medical, free meals, free counseling.

Life is good so no need post bond, our tax dollars pay for everything while you sit in jail. David made himself at home, eating, drinking, and watching TV; now he can get it for free with a beautiful uniform from KCCC. For those homeowners who live on the Mainland and have homes in Princeville, Hanalei, Ha‘ena. Hope you have someone watching your place because there seems to be lots of breaking and entering lately. Don’t be surprised if treasured items are missing, electric bill is high because someone is watching TV or living in your home while you are away. So does anybody have any suggestions on keeping your home safe?

Ruth Hooten


Musical evening

Kaua‘i is very fortunate to have so many fine arts programs available and I can not say enough about the Kauai Community Chorale. This May we presented a bright and lively concert. Toe tapping old favorites and a couple that could bring tears to your eyes. All volunteer members work for weeks to bring concerts to Kaua‘i twice a year and they never fail to impress. Lois Ricciardi always comes up with a few suprises for the chorale members and audience. I would like to thank all the members for their dedication and the friendships formed. Have a wonderful and safe summer. See you in September.

Mary Genegabuas


Know your oil

A good way to learn more about oil production in Iraq is to start with a map of Iraq. You will notice that the southernmost tip of Iraq is cut off from the rest of the country. This is Kuwait, which was created when the British reconfigured the geographical borders of the Middle East. The oil wells that were cut off from Iraq are now British Petroleum (BP). Is it any wonder that UK Prime Minister Tony Blair gave the U.S. unquestioned support in the Iraq War, after George Bush senior saved his bacon by driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait in the first Gulf War? Anyone who would like to know more about Desert Storm and how it came about should Google “April Glaspie,” who was the American ambassador to Iraq at that time.

Harry Boranian



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