Letters for Friday – October 20, 2006

• Hey y’all

• Election is not over

• Signs distract drivers

• Local government … help

• What good guys?

Hey y’all

I am writing this letter from the Lone Star State of Texas. It is very far away from Kaua‘i and all of our dear loved ones.

Sunday afternoon, we were so concerned when we heard about the earthquake that hit the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Our news covered the stories on almost every channel as we waited to get some news to let us know that all was well in the Aloha State.

While we were waiting and watching the stories on the news it made us realize how much we loved our friends and ‘ohana. We wondered if there were any wounds that had not healed, friendships that needed to be rekindled, or three words that needed to be spoken.

For all of our friends, family and loved ones, we love you very much. We didn’t want another day to pass to prevent you from knowing that you are always in our hearts and prayers.

My husband and his sister also wanted me to add a very special happy birthday to their mom, Janet Haffner, today. She will be 29 again.

I actually have to say that she is without a doubt the world’s greatest mother-in-law on the entire planet. I wish everyone could have a mother-in-law as sweet, kind and loving as this very beautiful woman. She has blessed our entire family in more ways than can be counted, and we will always thank and praise the Lord for her.

Again, to all of our ‘ohana, aunties, uncles and cousins; we love you guys so much and we are so grateful that all of you guys are safe and sound.

  • Rebecca Aquino

Harlingen, Texas

Election is not over

It seems like people are resigning themselves to no new leaders on our County Council. Perhaps they should look closer at the primary election outcome. Challenger Tim Bynum was less than 300 votes from the coveted top seven. In the votes cast on election day, he came in sixth.

This indicates to me that his message of “community first” is attracting people to him. And why not; Mr. Bynum has been involved in community initiatives for years that have shown real accomplishment. The projects at Lydgate Park being a prime, but not the only examples. He has been all over the island this year appealing to the best in us and calling on us all to work together to deal with the issues facing us. We have strong leaders on our council and the voters have made it clear that most will be reelected, but is seems to me that some new energy from a hard-working team builder would be a good thing. 

Please vote in the general election.

  • Lorna Poe


Signs distract drivers

I would like to make a suggestion to all candidates who stand along the side of the road with signs and banners. I think it’s a wonderful tradition and would hate to see it come to an end, but please make sure you keep yourself and others safe by standing at least 15 to 20 feet from the edge of the road. It’s very distracting for drivers when you stand so close to the edge, especially along the Wailua to Lihu‘e corridor. If I have an accident because I was distracted, you may just lose my vote.

  • Donna King


Local government … help

Regarding the response to my recommendation that the island government starts doing something for the people of Hawai’i and Kaua’i in particular (The Garden Island, Letters, Oct. 17), I’m not surprised to read that the author believes all is well here.

I wonder how my neighbors feel about that?

They have a three bedroom house with 13/4 bathrooms. Currently there are four or five adults living there and at least one of the two couples have pre-school age children: one is a single son and then two daughters, one in high school, one married with children. They all work, but can’t afford to buy a house or condo. My neighbors on the other side work three jobs between them in order to own a house and keep their pre-school children fed and clothed.

We as a nation have just hit a population of 3 billion people, and these islands are right up there with the rest of America in growth. So I wish all was well, but it’s not. The population on Kaua‘i is going to continue to grow and those young people will need jobs and affordable housing. Thus once again I implore the people in charge of seeing to it that we grow in an orderly fashion to start stepping up to the plate and doing something that will help our young.

By the way, from a selfish point of view, for me I would just as soon keep it the way it is. My estate will just keep getting more valuable. There are 28 acres behind my house that could be used to build perhaps 100 homes. But it can’t be built on because it is deemed ag land, but nothing is there but low beautiful weeds and grass. If it is built on, my 120-degree view of the ocean will be lost. Yet I am still imploring the government to do something about the housing shortage.

So if you don’t have suggestions on how to alleviate the problems brought about by continued growth, at least consider mine. Growth is definitely going to continue, like it or not.

  • Gordon “ Doc” Smith


What good guys?

Please, whom are you kidding, with your Republican agenda? Have you had your head in the sand for the past six years? Have you not read about the so-called leadership of the GOP? Talk about corruption, if you have not been reading or listening to what the GOP stands, for just let me give you a hint. The GOP used to represent the wealthiest 10 percent of the United States. However, in the last six years or so, they have catered to the richest of the rich, 1 percent of the nation’s greedy. Now I can go on and talk about the real reason for invading Iraq, but I think most working class people of the state of Hawai‘i have seen the truth at the gas pumps. More recently the GOP leadership has taken away your right to face your accuser in a court of law. Oh, and let us not forget, they have made the use of torture commonplace as the new “American” way. I could also go on and on about such fine leadership condoning the chairman of the lost and exploited children’s committee going after teenage boys for way too long. Yes! I will vote for the “good guys,” however none of them will be members of the GOP. Believe me, GOP leadership is represented by the same thought process all the way down to the state level. They condone and bless such thinking, no matter what county or district they represent.

  • Joseph J. Crocona



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