Antin blows out at Ala Moana

Popular Hollywood hairstylist Jonathan Antin said he was in Hawai‘i on a mission, a mission of hair.

That’s right.

If you missed this week’s “Blow Out 3” on Bravo (channel 40 on Oceanic Time Warner Cable on Kaua‘i), you missed the antics of Antin, as he sweats bullets on the center stage of Ala Moana.

The episode was shot back in February, but aired on Tuesday.

The episode started out with nervous KHON morning newsshow producers pacing back and forth outside of the studio, while Antin chatted it up in his limo. Antin showed up two minutes before he was supposed to be live on-air.

Antin pulled it off, though.

He played golf at the Ko Olina Golf Resort with his manager, Rob Lee, and discussed his itinerary.

Ordinarily, I would be talking about how big of a prima donna he is, but something in the air got to him. He wasn’t his arrogant, demanding self. He was pretty relaxed.

And he added to his favorite saying.

“You know how I’m always saying ‘I love the smell of hair products in the morning?’” he asked a member of Team Jonathan.

“Well, there’s something else I love, and that’s the smell of Hawai‘i in the morning.” Then Antin cruised to Sephora to sign boxes of his shower head and hair-care products, and pick models for the hair demonstration at Ala Moana.

“I’m just going to stare at you for a couple of minutes,” he told the models. “It’s nothing personal. It’s just all about the hair.” Weird.

Two of the models for the demonstration were the reigning Miss Hawaii USA, Radasha Ho‘ohuli, and the former Miss Hawaii USA, Jennifer Fairbanks.

When showtime came, Antin was nervous with a capital N, worse than he was for his QVC stint. He was pacing and stuttering, and just tanking.

“Did you see the look of that stage. It’s like they want me to sing or something,” he said. “It’s huge.” It was hot, it was sunny, so maybe all the wonderful air was getting to him.

But somehow he snapped out of it, and was great. Maybe it was because he dropped the Elvis-in-Hawai‘i jokes.

Then he went back to Seph-ora to meet with clients and answer more questions.

All in all, his Hawai‘i trip was a success.

Every stint he’s had, from mispronouncing Bacardi Limon all day, from tanking the first hour of his QVC gig, then completely selling out in the second, to this one, he’s been able to come through with no hair out of place.

It’s a wacky show following Antin around, but it’s a harmless one.

It’s kind of fun watching a show about people’s obsession with great hair.

Don’t look for too much substance, though. If you want that, this show is not for you.

It’s fun watching the antics of Antin because one minute he’s stoked to be somewhere, then he’s totally crying about boxes or something.

Maybe he’ll open a Jonathan salon in Hawai‘i.

The season finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo, Oceanic Time Warner Cable channel 40, digital cable 560.

• Lanaly Cabalo, lifestyle writer, may be reached at 245-3681 (ext. 237) or


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