Letters for Saturday – January 14, 2006

• When judges stop caring

• Pitbulls should be banned

• Figuring things out

• Enjoys Dr. Saker’s letters

• Bike path user fees?

When judges stop caring

Recently Judge Rhonda Nishimura, who just happens to be Republican Governor Lingle’s first appointee to the district court, decided that it is o.k. to abuse animals, make others pay your bills, and get the dogs back later to make a profit.

Who would have thought a Republican would vote that way?

Mr. Montgomery who pleaded guilty to 55 counts of animal abuse, is awaiting the return of his dogs, so he can do it all over again.

He was breeding dogs for profit, a teacher no less, and was abusing his dogs to the extent of 55 counts against him.

So what happened?

The dogs were given over to the Humane Society, which nourished them back to health for an entire year!

When you or I lose our dogs, and the Humane Society cares for them until we can get them, WE must pay for that care.

But according to Judge Nishimura, you are not only allowed to starve and abuse your dogs, but you don’t have to pay for their care, and you receive no fines or any jail time either, at least when you land in Judge Rhonda Nishimura’s court.

And you get those dogs back for a little more abuse, before you sell them to the highest bidder.

God Bless America?

  • Dennis Chaquette

Pitbulls should be banned

Pitbulls are responsible for more deaths than any other breed by a long shot. Just check out the center for disease control website. These stats don’t lie.

To date, at least 39 countries and the province of Ontario, Canada have banned pitbulls. Most of Europe has banned pit-bulls. The state of Georgia is considering a ban, Denver has a ban, many towns and counties in America have bans on pitbulls.

Compared to other places a pitbull ban on Kaua’i would be relatively easy to enforce. Where is the aloha in a snarling pitbull tugging at its chain trying to get at you or your pet? Don’t people have a right to walk down the road without fear of attack? How many more people need to be disfigured or killed? Sadly it’s often children and elderly who fall victim.

Pitbull owners claim it’s the owner, not the breed, that makes a dog vicious. Not true. Labs retrieve, beagles chase, Australian shepherds herd, terriers get rats, Chihuahuas lapsit, pointers point, and pitbulls attack. You don’t have to train them to do it. They are born to do it. It’s in their DNA. And often it’s not a pitbull that’s been trained to be mean , it’s the trusted family pet, how many times have you heard “he was always such a nice dog I can’t understand it.” Here in San Jose I have to walk my beagles with a can of police strength pepper spray strapped to my hip as we have been ambushed by these beasts a number of times. Usually the owners are irresponsible ghetto types with nothing to lose, can’t be sued because they have nothing. Police can’t do much because of weak laws. Often the first bite is free. Breed-specific laws are the only way people can be protected as the police can’t do anything about a vicious dog until it attacks someone and then it’s too late.

  • T.L.Cameron
    San Jose, Calif.

Figuring things out

Because I am always trying to figure out what makes people think the way they do, I have come to the conclusion that people who are atheists think that God-fearing or loving people need a crutch in order to get through life. But most of us are just willing to believe that there is something out there greater than ourselves.

On the other hand, atheists seem to believe that they have complete control of their lives and that they don’t need a crutch. In my opinion this is rather egotistical and it would look as though they believe they are their own god.

As for me, I make my own decisions but like Albert Einstein, I still believe there is a being greater than myself. And I am willing, unlike the atheist, to give Him credit for all things good and Satan credit for all things bad.

Hmmm, just my opinion, but it makes sense to me. How ’bout you ?

  • Gordon “Doc” Smith

Enjoys Dr. Saker’s letters

There were two letters in the Jan. 1, ’06 GI taking Dr. Saker to task, that I’d like to respond to:

I laughed out loud at Mr. Mickens reference to “rationality,” as I always do when I see the lack of it in his many “contributions” to the “Letters” … especially when I see the same, old, tired and worn-out anti-Bush, antiwar talking points repeated in them. If Mr. Mickens were to check the following websites out (http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/10/200210022.html , http://home.earthlink.net/~platter/warres/hjres114.htmlhttp://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/military/terroristattack/jointresolution_914.html ), he would find out that we went into Iraq for a lot more reasons than just WMDs. But even if that were the case, according to the intelligence agencies of virtually every nation in the UN, no one denied Saddam had WMDs. Not even France, Germany or Russia, even though Saddam had bribed, via the Food for Oil scandal, those three nations to try to thwart the US’s efforts to force Saddam into compliance with the ceasefire agreement he signed in ’91, and the 17 subsequent UN resolutions over the next 10+ years.

There’s much more I could add to make the point, but those three sites will be a good start to Mr. Mickens introduction to, and education on, the facts.

Is that rational enough for you, Glenn?

Then there’s Mr. Hayes letter. I, for one, and I know I speak for many on this island, thoroughly enjoy Dr. Saker’s letters, and would like to see MORE of them, not less … just think how much more you now know that you wouldn’t, otherwise, Mr. Hayes, thanks to Dr. Saker’s letters? And by the way, Jeff, if you paid attention long enough, you’d know that more letters contrary to Dr. Saker’s positions get printed than do his.

  • Ken Gibboney

Bike path user fees?

Perhaps too much has already been said about the proposed bike path. But let me try to offer a different angle on it.

Opponents of the path say it will ultimately cost a very considerable amount of money to benefit a limited few. Forty-five million dollars has been mentioned. If you don’t like that number try your own.

There is nothing very unusual about wasting taxpayers dollars. Governments do it all the time. And when some of the dollars being wasted are from Federal funds it makes it easier.

But take $45 million or whatever amount you want to use and ask yourself if there isn’t a better way to spend that money that will benefit more people. I can think of a few and I expect you can too.

Another possibility is to treat the path as a county enterprise fund and have user fees as is done for County water, sewage and golf facilities. In such a case the facility cost is paid for by the user and is not a burden for the general public. A sign-up sheet could identify those who intend to use the path. Assuming a $45-million ultimate cost and 1000 users, a lifetime license to use the path could be offered for a mere $45,000.

When politicians start a pork barrel rolling it is not simple to stop it. It may be too much to hope that better judgment might prevail.



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